Failed Car Vlog#1: What the hell is a STEEM 2.0 on EOS? *Trigger Warning* & Open Discussion, What do you think?

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So there have been some talks about a STEEMIT 2.0 arriving on the EOS platform. I'm curious as to what that means for us Steemian 1.0 ers, if that makes sense. I guess in a fair loving world it wouldn't mean anything other than: We now have 2 wonderful platforms to post and earn on, but we don't live in that type of world. I wonder if die hard Steemians will look down on Steemit 2.0 ers and shun them off the platform or will they be accepting of the new kid on the block. Of coarse it won't be named steemit 2.0 ( Hopefully ), but here is some proof that it probably isn't going to be.

Information to check out!

I know there are a bunch more Articles and blogs out there talking about this so i barely scratched the surface on giving you resources to read, but..Do your own research right? Hell I could be wrong with everything I'm saying lol.

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Correction** STEEM 2.0** Not Steemit LOL

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I think competition is a healthy thing. This in my opinion will make Steem stronger and will encourage the dev team to hopefully work that much harder. The Steem network is growing by the day and already making real world impact on lives across the globe. No blockchain is doing what Steem is doing right now. In my opinion once SMTs are in place things will really start to grow in ways we have not even imagined yet. Communities are a massive part of the internet (I think more than some realize). There are thousands of communities all over the internet waiting to be powered by Steem and the effect this could have can potentially change the internet/world as we know it.


Very true. crosses fingers waiting for the those SMT's, to pave the way. Also I don't think Steem gets the accolades it deserves for how good it actually is.


There are a million things I think steemit and steem gets wrong, but I'll stay because there is no better signaling of actual need for financial aid than being on steemit in the first place, which makes charitable activity a no-brainer here.

Social Media is a rocket science if not less. I don't believe @dan is the Jesus of Crypto land that HE will cure all the maladies of Steemit. It needs rapid trials & errors to find an optimum ground. One Account One Vote (1A1V), whitelist, Good Person Token all are good proposals.

However, STINC is extremely naive, silent and slow in communication which creates FUD among existing and potential investors.

On the other hand, @dan and his cohorts are extremely good at communications and blatant marketing, which also brings in potential investors and scare existing Steemitians.

It is a competitive field- survival of the fittest.

Most probably, @dan is building a social media DApp like Steemit on EOS. Don't fall on the prophetic speech on its superiority over existing Steemit like a gullible believer. Steemit had all the problems when @dan was here. He is not cure for all Steemit disease, perhaps creator at the beginning (pun intended). It might have some extra or better features, it will have its own maladies. EOS is already controversial for its very skewed centralized distribution and chaotic governance.

On the other hand, if he meant STEEM2.0 as another stand-alone cryptocurrency, he will bring his own downfall. Already people are skeptic about his whimsical character about leaving his projects before finishing (when problems rise). STEEM2.0 will doom his EOS project too.


We have a skewed distribution as well, I don't personally like EOS or what they've done but at least I can see that dan used to throw out some large flags on shit content, which was nice. Ned seemed to be the polar opposite when it came to that, which I won't get into.


I thought @dan was more libertarian in freedom of expression than @ned lol

STEEM 2.0 not steemit 2.0. Sorry just wanting to point out a very clear distinction that I think many people are missing. Ultimately I think time will tell, but it just is what it is I suppose...


Thanks for the correction! lol STEEM 2.0 not Steemit 2.0


But could it lead to a STEEMIT 2.0? lol


I think it's a pretty significant point to keep in mind that he's saying steem 2.0, because he could very well just be talking about a way to monetize dapps on EOS and we could still be a long way off from dapps being creating that take advantage of it. Look at how long we've been dealing with the steemit beta for example, 2 years in and we still don't have a fucking 'hide resteems' tab lol. I suppose we'll see where it goes, but solving some problems is sure to create others.


If you are interested @clayboyn, I've developed a browser extension to hide resteems. I won't spam this thread with the link, but if you want to find out more just check my blog out. You'll have to scroll past all my photography stuff, which ironically my browser extension can also help with. ;)


Huge thanks for clearing this up!


Guess the first draft was good enough lol.

automatic gearbox < manual gearbox


Stick shift for life!


correction ... i think if dan says steemit 2.0 then its a site but steem 2.0 sounds like a blockchain

EOS is a competitor of Steem. There is nothing to be happy about it for EOS fans but it is good pr for steem which benefits steem fans.

The real question is, did you keep the crayons?

I hope this drives STINC to get their shit a bit more together. There seems to be very little marketing or feature addition out of them. Notifications were supposed to be out at end of last year, and SMTs and Communities were promised for early on this year. They need to get cracking!

As long as the pennies in the STEEM Wallets won't be tampered with, all is well...

It's exciting just knowing the STEEM wheels are moving....

It will be interesting to see what progress has been made five years from now. The day we lose the 'beta' will be momentous.

Best regards.