What's In The Bag!? Heading Out Backpacking This Weekend!

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I'm about to head out with some friends to go backpacking for the weekend at Gold Lake, California. But first, I thought it would be fun to show you what I carry into the backcountry on a typical weekend trip and a bit about why. I don't have a lot of time to make a bigger blog post about the gear with links to where you can buy it, but if you have any questions about anything you see, please feel free to ask me in the comments below (it will be a few days before I can answer, we're about to hit the road...)

Shout outs to @freedomtribe, @mrprofessor, and @coruscate, who were all mentioned in the video for one reason or another.

Thank you for watching and have a great weekend!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography


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Hoooraay @scottshots, so glad to see that my video inspired you!

Loved your choises there, the sawyer mini filter is a life saver, I got ill once for not having one of those.

The lip protections sounds great, I didn't know about that one.

Your expression is priceless when you talk about the tequila, made me laugh loud when that other gigant pocket canteen came out of the bag hahaha

Waiting to see the photos that will come out of that trip.

Yes you did inspire, I picked up and packed out a little bit of trash.
The sawyer mini does indeed rock! Well... except the water squeeze pouch developed a leak in the seam so filtering water became a bit trickier. I had to pinch the seam while squeezing the pouch but got it done.
Hahahaha! Yeah, I do like my tequila... But I also did share. Fun times out there and it makes sleeping on a pad more comfortable. Worked on some photos today. Also shot more video... Cheers!

Great video! Thanks for taking the time to share! We're definitely going to look into that tripod... we hiked the John Muir Trail a few years back and felt really limited by heavy camera gear... ended up taking lower quality gear just for the sake of weight.... next time we'll spring for the better gear! Have a great time at Gold Lake! Stay warm out there!

Thank you @thecrypt0couple! I had a blast out there. Yeah, that tripod works pretty good, not too heavy, I'm happy with it and find the advantages worth the weight on my shoulders. Cheers!

Excellent... enjoy... stay safe

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Thank you @offgridlife! It was a lot of fun out there off the grid.

ok so you deserve all the upvotes just because you unpacked all of your stuff :D

Haha! Yeah, unpack, pack, unpack, pack.... all weekend long. But it was tons of fun and I'm stoked that doing it on video got me the upvotes :)

i would probably never got it back in again, would have to eat the food right away :D

Haha! That's like one of the teenage boys that was with us. If it wasn't for his dad telling him NO, he would have probably eaten all his food the first night.

Ha unpacking to repack!! Sounds like a good weekend. Enjoy!

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Unpack and repack all weekend long... haha! It was a great weekend, thank you!

Did you have a good weekend?

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