It's Been A While...What I Learned By Taking A Month Off Content Creating!

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I got a few messages while I was gone, thank you to those who noticed I was MIA. I really appreciated the messages, I never intended to take so long off of posting, but HEY! I learned that ITS OKAY, and I'm NOT GUNNA DIE if I don't post EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I missed you guys, ever since I have started posting to and @dtube, I have gotten this amazing feeling of fulfillment, purpose, and enjoyment. I miss making things and commenting on other peoples things. So, this is just a video explaining what I have been up to, what I learned, and what I plan on doing.

Love ♥️,

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happy you're back paola. I also have a dropshipping store that I am trying to build. cool to hear you are exploring that as well. have you bought any courses? or are you bootstrapping it?

Wow, I must say it's been a long time now since I heard anything from you, I even taught you had left steemit. Welcome back though, you're forgiven(giggles)

Sending you hugs lady! I totally hear you re life getting in the way... it's a huge thing to post consistently and especially if you're dealing with emotional stuff--I hear you on that too! xox

Welcome back Paola !

It’s so nice to have you back @paolajane

I’ll be following your journey!

Thanks so much, I appreciate your support more than you know!

I’m glad to hear my dear:)

Good to see ya Paola!💛😊

Aww thank you 🤗

I have actually noticed you kinda not a round and it's good to have you back! I'm actually taking a little break from creating videos too(due to some conditions) but I've been missing it so much just like you have been. I think it's addictive!

Also, congrats on your drop ship store. I hope it goes well!!!!

See you again in Poland? Bring @domirep with you hahaha Domiiiiiii

Thank you so much, I hope it goes well too hahahha
I've seen your posts though, at least you are keeping us updated <3
and ill go to Poland if @domirep pays haha

Yeah, all written posts but no vids I meant LOLOL my badddd haha. Hope to see you guys again! ❤️

A little rest makes us more productive and creative. ;)

Welcome back! Hope you guys can make it to Steemfest 3! I think I'm going to make the trip so hope you all can come! Also are you all going to the steem creators conference in Toronto? If so I will hopefully see you there as well!

I dont think we will make it to steemfest 3 :((((
We do have plans of going in September to Toronto, I will be looking forward to meeting you :D

Whoohoo glad your back!!! Just in time to join my initiative ;)

I’m a crypto enthusiest and trying to bring the steem community together with multiple initiatives. Check out my @steemmonsters and @steembasicincome giveaway with a Byteball signup. When you get your address leave it in the discord so the BOTS don't steal it lol!


Great to see you back! :)

What a beautiful girl, you have a nice aura, God bless you, greetings from Venezuela @paolajane

Awwww so happy to see you online again! I was beginning to worry!

@paolajane Welcome!! One of the things I often tell myself...
is ok to go slow... as long as is forward :D

Yay, Paola ❤️

Hope you are doing okay!

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