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RE: It's Been A While...What I Learned By Taking A Month Off Content Creating!

in #vlog2 years ago

I have actually noticed you kinda not a round and it's good to have you back! I'm actually taking a little break from creating videos too(due to some conditions) but I've been missing it so much just like you have been. I think it's addictive!

Also, congrats on your drop ship store. I hope it goes well!!!!

See you again in Poland? Bring @domirep with you hahaha Domiiiiiii


Thank you so much, I hope it goes well too hahahha
I've seen your posts though, at least you are keeping us updated <3
and ill go to Poland if @domirep pays haha

Yeah, all written posts but no vids I meant LOLOL my badddd haha. Hope to see you guys again! ❤️

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