Fermenting Basics: Step by Step Vlog for Lacto-fermenting Carrots

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What do you do when you have carrots coming out of your ears?!
We like to make a Lactofermented Carrot Creation!

In our recent blog Episode 2 ReWilding Your Gut | Supporting Your Microbiome Through Wild Fermentation (Radish & Wild Onion Recipe), we shared how easy it is to make lacto-fermented vegetables at home by demonstrating a Radish and Wild Onion Recipe!

It's incredibly easy and carrots are even easier!

Lactofermentation is an easy place to start if you're new to the world of fermenting vegetables as it's as simple as adding salt to water and adding vegetables of your choosing!

In this vlog, Ini walks you through Step by Step in making a lactofermented carrot creation. We grew these carrots ourselves so it's quite special.

  • First off, wash the carrots thoroughly.

  • Make a brine solution. 3 tsp or a tablespoon of himalayan salt (or artisanal salt of your choice) in 1 quart of non-chlorinated water).

  • Chop carrots to the size you want and submerge them in the clean jar (in this case a quart mason jar).

All of the details are in the video or check out our previous blog. Fermenting vegetables in a salt brine is easy to do with a wide variety of vegetables.

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Love the thumbnail, and of course the fermentation method that you explained was super helpful ! Im wandering how I could preserve fruit by drying it out !? But I have no idea about how i would go about doing it ! If you have any pointers that would be super helpful ! Keep up the informative content !


a dehydrator works wonders for that. @birdsinparadise has some wonderful articles on that if you want to research further. thanks for stopping by!

Yay the carrots grew in that rocky soil! Fantastic. That ini...he is so silly. Wonderful idea to ferment them. I'll bring my juicer when we come lol


yes! well these were grown in the high tunnel so ini had spent hours "de-rocking" and had 28 5 gal buckets of rocks- so they didn't grow in rocky soil. so nice to have some carrots!! yes bring your juicer! xx

I love fermented carrots (how disgusting that sounds though to me!) - you guys are on a fermenting binge!!! I need to buy another big bag of salt - when Jamie brought home 7 kgs I thought man, we'll never go through that!! But here we are - saltless. How can I ferment anything now?


hahah we are def on a fermenting binge. i've always been obsessed with fermented things! haha yeah it goes fast!! you can't ferment, it will just end up goopy and nasty like your initial vision of fermented carrots LOL :)

Yummmm!!! Drool!! Rewilding the gut! Love it! Mingle with the microbes!!! Y'all are so inspiring!!!


drooool city!! yes, mingling with those microbes to get the tingling in our mouths and the happiness in our guts :) <3 y'all are so inspiring too <3 glad to be connected !!!

Sounds good something i need to get round to doing. Well buy the lids first and then doing. Nice tips 💯🐒


awesome happy to hear it was helpful! yeah it's quite simple. best wishes!! :)


Many thanks building up a bank of stuff for when the lan comes to me 💯🐒

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