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Thanks for the video. Steemit is going strong. Buy steem coin low now.

Great post I agree with you that's why I always comment on every post I see it is great for constant creators and is also better for the platform to so people can see others reacting with each other

Hey @koday94

respond to me...


good time to buy sbd.

Great post man. I'm just now starting out on DTube and I'll keep what you said in mind with my followers :)


Well welcome to Dtube it's really a great platform to spread your message. Also a grate place to make connection with of creators.

I left a comment on someones page today, no response, I will never support another one of his videos, in fact he has never responded to any of my comments. I comment on everything I post and reply to any relevant comment. Do you know thejohalfiles? He sure likes your posts.


Exactly if it's relevant I'll comment back. If your just saying "you should by steem while prices are low" I'm not responding to that, unless that's what the video was about. then maybe. I know of @ thejohalfiles and am aware that he has upvoted several of my posts, but I've never talked with them. and as always big thanks to him for the big upvote