The whole town has a hipster vibe :) By the way, I much prefer the Danish weather 😁

I lived in the Faroe Islands when I was younger so I suppose I will be OK with the weather when we go to Iceland in the late summer. Right now Denmark is too warm for me :)

Haha :) I just looked at the forecast for Copenhagen - it says 22°C. That's quite warm for May, isn't it? I can't remember if it was like that several years ago when I still lived there.

Look what I got :)

Yes, we have been above 25°C! I am such a wuss when it comes to heat. On the other hand... I don't complain the rest of the year like everybody else here.

And a Föroya Spring Beer! haven't seen one of those for many years. To prevent casual drinking you were supposed to buy them one case of beer at a time so we had to finish all the beers before going out fishing again :) - took the casual out of drinking, but not in the way the local baptists had imagined.

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