My Laptop Might Have Been Stolen From Me; But The Experiences And Memories From Ibadan Meetup Can Never Be Stolen. I Am Thankfull.

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I can not start to explain how I felt when I got home from the Ibadan meet up only to try and lay hands on my pc and it was not there. Still on how I got home I could not imagine the kind of trauma I had. It was a terrible experience.

But I still feel blessed and thankful for even though they stole my laptop I know one thing, all the experiences and memories I got from Ibadan meet up and the steemians I met can never be stolen.

This was shot at the hotel at the point of departure from Ibadan. @xpency the photobomber... lol.

I must say a very big thank you to @michaelcj for even calling me up to telling me to come for the meet up. To the organisers @tojukaka, @ejemai and the crew. I also want to say am happy to hear from @samstickz, @nairadaddy, @ehiboss, @gbenga, @gee1, @ destinysaid, @ewuoso, @thelovejunkie etc.

I was able to meet some amazing steemians both newbies and oldies. I felt accepted and loved and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, at a point my jaws were aching.
@gloglo and @lizbethk. That laugh was hearty and I will continue to be happy and laugh no matter what. Thank you girl for that good shot.
I must be lying if I tell you that I do not feel hurt about the whole situation right now but I find consolation because if I were to be in that house as of the time of invasion I think I would not be hear as of now.

I will still go for more meet ups and nothing will take my love for steemians. I am proud to be in this community and this whole stuff made me realise how much I love here.

Thank you @surfyogi for consoling me even though it is sad that your gift to me went like this. To all those who consoled me @xpency, @nairadaddy , @michealcj, @ehiboss who suggested I change all my details both on steemit and my gmail account. I owe you all my smile.

I believe I now have a new family and the community has given me everything I could ever ask for. Thank you once again.

I will be posting with my phone for the moment and stay tuned to all the news and details that would be coming your ways soon. I have some interviews I would like to share too and some great pictures as well. So do not go no where. Love you all.

I found it really difficult uploading this video on dtube with my phone so I decided to make do with youtube.

I do not feel self pity at all. I only posted this because I have connected at all levels on steemit. The first thing I did after I could not find my laptop was to make that video. This is family to me. I really want to meet more people in the future and no matter what this is my base. This video was to share that I have emotions too and that I am human and can not be anything else.

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This is shocking what a country, well am glad you still are online. Because i still need those vibes you make for each post 🤓

Until now, I couldn't believe what my ears heard about your road experience. All I remember is you dropped to make the next movement to your destination. And next I heard something happened.

Nevertheless, I like your courage as a lady. In spite of the misgiving, yet you found it a pleasure to blog and seemed like nothing happen. I could remember when my phone was stolen, it was a bad time for me and it affected my performance in steemit.

I'm glad you arrived safely and sound. I saw gloglo at Ibadan meet up; I fell in love with your personality.

Be safe.


Thank you very much @bob-elr. I could never list tge anount of joy I had that I met you too and so many people at Ibadan meetup, that has been my consolation.

I really thank you for your help that day. I am really grateful. I would lije to get your cobtact from @michaelcj. You are an amazing person dear. If am givibg the chance again, I will still be among all of you.

Thank you dear.


Good to know that you arrived safely @gloglo..

Thank GOD you are safe.


Is a first premise for Steemit community and Dan's initial vision he outlined over and over and over.

Let us put this to practice today please! ;-)


You are one of the amazing people I have ever met. I hope that very soon we will build what the world lacks if not all but a good number of them.


I'm so happy that Ibadan meetup did successfully..:)
Regards to all Ibadan steemians there, my warm love all the way from Philippines!!!

I had issues with phone also plus my laptop refused to connect. Though all have been fixed now.

Whatever happens...your brain, work you have put in and your Steemit family can not be stolen.

Its nice to put a face to @gloglo at Ibadan steemit meetup. Please do all you can for nysc roomie, he is a hard case.


It was very good to see you there @golddeejay. I hope I continue to talk to your friend about steemit. I am happy that I met you guys, I am grateful.

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Video is good

Sad to learn about the loss of your laptop. I learnt of this from @surfyogi and rushed here to identify with you.

I believe in the title of this piece. Be strong dear

@eurogee of @euronation community

Sorry about your laptop dear, more bigger things will come your way soon.


Amen, than you very much.

Some small things need to go, for big things to come in, you will get something bigger than that laptop. It was a pleasure to meet you.


It was a wonderful one meeting you dear @xpency. Thank you for the nice words and calls. God bless you so much dear.

Oh I am so sorry dear. I love your spirit, this is just the beginning of greater things to come. Thank God that you are back safe.


Thank you very much ma. Am glad that am safe and I hooe to even do better here on tge platform for nothing will take that vibe from me. Thank you very much ma.

Sorry about the PC, I know how difficult it could be steeming without one. I hope you are doing ok.

My laptop broke a few weeks ago and I decided to start using the computer at the library to post (alot better than using my smartphone). oh the wonders of a library card.


It did, thank you very much my friend.

You're free to express yourself Ma. And you are absolutely right.
I am truly sorry about the laptop Ma. Our possessions should be passed down, not taken from us totally.
I am glad you are good. And I'm saying we are here for you.

Awww... I'm so sorry about the loss of your laptop. Please, no self pity. What I do know is you are launching back in a bigger form. And you know, every cloud has a silver lining.

Oh. I am sorry for what you had to go through. I pray you receive a replacement in no time. You have a strong heart and it will take you really far.

I stay in lag but should be in I.B very soon How do i meet you guys ?????


There are some steemians whom you can connect with in I.B. @tojukaka, @japfive and others. Just try and ask those that reside in IB.

It is a shame these types of things keep happening, especially at a steemit meetup.

I hope you can get yourself a new laptop soon.

Sorry dear, I hope you recover quickly

Sorry for heard about stolen PC. Hope you're doing well.

Oh! Sorry about the loss of ur p.c, a better one than the former will arrive soon by God's grace. Beautiful photos


Thank you very much. I hope so too.

very well post and great writing dear friend
thank you for sharing with us
i love your post all time, it's really

baby girl, I am so sorry that this has happened, do not worry, the next laptop you will get shall be better. sending you lots of love and hugs from my end.

Ohhhhh Gloria! Nooo Way! What happened with your laptop!? You are so happy at the meet up!
So sorry to hear this

Sorry for the loss of your laptop. This pictures made me smile, still.

And you will have so much better things going to your way, because you deserve them.

Hello @gloglo so sorry about your pc @xpency mentioned that on our way back to lag but I didnt know how to reach you.

Stay strong, it was nice meeting you.


Thank you very much dear. At least my memories of you beautiful people still remains. It was nice meeting you dear.

I am so sorry your laptop was stolen!

Oh dear, this is really touching but with God,'s help everything will be fine again. We give thanks to God in all things, what if they had met you? Remain strong ok? It was nice meeting you afterall


I thought that too, I know that somehow God took me away from such bad experience. I am grateful to Him no matter what.

It was really nice meeting you ma, I had a very nice time with you all. I can not imagine what it would have been not being at Ibadan.

Thank you for the prayers too ma.

I'm so sorry for your loss. You must have felt really bad. Take heart. Just believe whoever stole it took whatever pain is in your life away.

They will get what is due them.

Sorry ma, something bigger will come your way

I admire your composure and strength


Thank you so much jeanie, I really appreciate.

oh no

Wow, I can see you had a swell time, notwithstanding the loss the great men and women you met were worth it, and our people has this saying that when the house of a king gets burnt, it brings out the beauty of the house; i know something better is coming.

Laptop will not be stolen OK, because we are even planing something bigger that will shake the world . Thanks to Steemit for giving us the voice to make good noise out here.
I really appreciate everyone of you for making it down to Ibadan city home of steemit great minds


I believe that too. Thank you for having us.

This is heartbreaking. But I am happy no one was hurt. I know how great it is to post using a device with a wider screen. I am sure it is gonna pass.


Yes I know it will surely pass. Thank you immensely for consoling me. Am grateful.

Sorry to hear about your laptop dear 😢 Yes the memories will reamin forever in heart❤

Chai, person no suppose they miss thins kind program now Jesu, where I put head 🤒

So sorry for your loss @gloglo. I like your alacrity towards steemit. After your trip, the first thing you wanted to touch was your laptop because steemit was on your mind. I hope you get a new laptop.

I read your post and was like wow, even making do with your phone, you still made an amazing, fantastic post. Good job @gloglo

very nice community..

My darling I'm really sorry about this loss but I'm grateful you were not around. Who knows what would have happened if you were around when they came in.

When there is life, there is hope.

I just sent my little donation of love.
No one is capable of stealing your joy.
Steemit is here for you.
Keep steeming darling


Thank you very much dear @gee1. I love you so much. God bless you. So glad I mrt you.

Thank God you were not there during the invasion. It was nice meeting you.


It was amazing meeting you as well. Hope to keep in touch. Stay awesome dear.

Sorry dear, I feel for you, you are very lucky because steemians a lovely fellas, we r all with ya.


Thank you very much dear friend.

Shit! Thus is terrible, I could feel your emotions cooking up, it's really bad that this happened, but was the door broken, how come somebody did this?

I really hope you can get over it, it's a big shame really I'm sad


That's the country we live in. We can only pray to God to protect us. Thanks dear.