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RE: Vlog 3 - When the Weather Screws You

in #vlog5 years ago

Nice to see you two!!! Too bad about the's Iceland!! lol

You need to go to BC and journey up the Sea to Sky would love it. Even in the rain :)


Yeah, rain and wind is Iceland's normal 😁

So journeying the Sea to Sky highway would be something like a small road trip? And we'll even get to see Squamish? Yes!'s a highway that runs from Vancouver all the way up to Pemberton. It's a main highway and the only highway in or out of the north parts. Local media have called it the "Killer Highway", the "Highway of Death", and the "Ski-And-Die Highway.My son drives it everyday to work in Vancouver. An hour there and an hour back.

It is about 135km and would take about 2 hours to drive if you didn't stop for photos.

The scenery is other worldly - mountains on your right and the pacific coast on your left.

And yes you would see Squamish - the highway runs right through the middle of the small town. I'd even get you to introduce yourself to my son. You are about the same ages.

I sent you a message on discord :)

Awww...I'm not on there anymore. boooo.....You can message me on steemitchat though :)

Oh, I see. I'll try to log in tomorrow on Steemit chat.

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