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RE: Bitcoin meetup in my city with a bunch of Steemologists!!!!! Plus asking random people if they heard of Bitcoin!!!!!

in #vlog5 years ago

Great Post... Happy to see you guys learning from each other and progressing.
Didn't like the abusive language though :(


My apologies. Most of the bad language is my fault. So many messed up things in the world, i've ended up following a philosophy which says that "Bad WORDS don't Hurt", and to avoid wasting time on editing my language, in favor of focusing entirely on the Content. All the stuff about my kids mom, is just being silly. Apologies if you take offense though, that is definitely not the intention. Alx

No apologies! Life with no regrets.. Great work! Ill be at a meetup soon. Swiching up my work scheadual.

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Thanks for your reply. Its really nice that you apologized. None of us is perfect ; we are humans ; and we all make mistakes. To accept and apologize on ones' mistake is a sign of a great heart and an open mind. Respect for you :)

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