Welcome to the VIVAconomy! Full VIVA White Paper

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Executive Summary

The Problem

Technological innovation and global marketplaces have tangible benefits. However, they also both contribute to the ever-increasing chasm of inequality within our society. Unless the deeply felt concerns of those being left behind are adequately addressed, as a whole we will continue to suffer under the burden of increasing strife and conflict.

The Opportunity

The VIVA project recognizes that an extremely inefficient and top-heavy financial system is playing a significant role in aggravating the inequalities inherent in our society. This, however, does not have to be the case. By implementing a streamlined virtual economy that harnesses the power of digital currencies, blockchain ledgers and real world value sources we are implementing a complete financial system, unchained to the political vagaries of any specific nation, that is capable of providing significant recurring income for all of the individuals that participate.

The Solution

In today's financial system every transaction is like opening and closing a leaky faucet. Inevitably, value is lost - usually into the pockets of corporate financiers. In the VIVAconomy™ each and every drop of value is recovered and equitably returned to the individual people, Vivos™, who participate in the VIVAconomy. We have combined a three-tiered stabilized digital currency framework, an online blockchain trading exchange, a proven digital currency ATM network and real world value generating blockchain applications to form the world's first sustainable virtual economy.

The Strategy

Until now cryptocurrencies have remained somewhat on the fringe due to three principal handicaps: their volatility, the difficulties of being accepted “in the real world” and their inability to offer a clear value proposition to the public at large. The VIVAconomy solves all three of these problems.

First of all, our stabilized three-tier digital currency framework assures that VIVAcoins™ will freely fluctuate within a stable range of values. Second, our ATM network, which has been operating for over a year, and the agreements we have in place with a reliable Mastercard provider, make it easy for people to combine their activities in the VIVAconomy with the traditional financial system. Lastly, the business applications that we are implementing guarantee a consistent influx of value into the VIVAconomy.

The Offering

At this time we are seeding the VIVAconomy by offering the first and only widely available ICO for our Tier-1 VIVA Crown™ coin. Each VIVA Crown coin grants the owner the right to mint VIVAcoins within the VIVAconomy. It also grants them full voting rights within the Crown Holders as outlined in this report. Only 10,500 VIVA Crown coins have been issued, of which 6,500 are available for the ICO.

**Download the full white paper (in pdf) here: http://trk.greenlight.digital/zibh


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I just want to thank some key Steemit people that have been instrumental in helping with the VIVA project behind the scenes. Thank you @merej99, @sykochica, @cryptomancer, @moondancer762, @nextgen622, @onceuponatime, @neptune, @kenny-crane, @kooshikoo, @someguy123, @deanliu, @liondani, @phoenixmaid, @tyler-fletcher, @okean123, @the-ego-is-you, @svamiva, @tombstone, @xanoxt, @kitten, @faddat, @l0k1, @ausbitbank and everyone else hanging out at chat.vivaco.in and helping to make the world a better place!

I'm excited about this... great job! Also just bought a few VIVA from TradeQwik now, hope to see Viva Wallet for mobile soon... Keep up the great work

Thanks I appreciate your support and involvement!

I am very excited by the sweeping scope and fundamental humanity of the VIVA project! Hats off to all those contributing!

yes - that´s what you feel: fundamental humanity - nice people!

The reason I got involved with VIVA was @williambanks
I trust him because of his values.He is open minded and hard working on the project.His vision to make the world a better place is pure and honest and not just statements to catch interest from a community. I share his vision 100%

Wow! Thank you so much for that!

I have just found and read @williambanks' articles at Steemit just a few days ago and I totally agree with you! His vision to make the world a better place is pure and honest. Now I am a proud owner of one Crown.

As soon as I started reading the comment by @williambanks, not only did it peek my interest, but it brought forth a new horizon for digital currencies, one I had look forward to a real dream come true. Thank you for sharing this important article with us all.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@williambanks you mean :D Thanks for the name drop though.

Thanks for the correction, I've done the same. Namaste :)

I was a bit busy with that we're launching Russian entry point for Bitshares DEX, so I wasn't around much, but I think now that you have your whitepaper, it would be cool to RSVP for a BeyondBitcoin that happens every friday.

Just an FYI for everyone, @dennishlewis is our HHIC of Marketing. Dennis has been great to work with and he put this together with primary input from the team especially @badassbarbie . She has focused like a laser on this since we first started talking about it and watching these guys go to town on this task has been breathtaking to say the least. The bulk of text and graphics was provided by @cryptomancer who won our "so you think you can graphic artz?" contest with these entries...



Shout out to everyone on team ¡VIVA! thank you all for helping to take this from concept to reality. None of this is possible, without you.

Amazing work! It really boosts my confidence in Viva, going from confidence to ultraconfidence..
Upvoted and resteemed.

Looks interesting. I look forward to finding out more about Viva Coin.

Definitely worth checking out... off to do so now; already have had a bit of a pre-taste through @williambanks' periodic updates.

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