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RE: Welcome to the VIVAconomy! Full VIVA White Paper

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I just want to thank some key Steemit people that have been instrumental in helping with the VIVA project behind the scenes. Thank you @merej99, @sykochica, @cryptomancer, @moondancer762, @nextgen622, @onceuponatime, @neptune, @kenny-crane, @kooshikoo, @someguy123, @deanliu, @liondani, @phoenixmaid, @tyler-fletcher, @okean123, @the-ego-is-you, @svamiva, @tombstone, @xanoxt, @kitten, @faddat, @l0k1, @ausbitbank and everyone else hanging out at and helping to make the world a better place!


I'm excited about this... great job! Also just bought a few VIVA from TradeQwik now, hope to see Viva Wallet for mobile soon... Keep up the great work

Thanks I appreciate your support and involvement!

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