A VIVAcoin ATM in Paris, Geneva and Nice ? The power of ICO.

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Into her excellent Newsweek article, Dólares-Bitcoins-Pesos Elizabeth Rosales explained that in Tijuana, Mexico people can get pesos against bitcoin from an ATM ( an apparel from which you get cash from a card « at the moment ») which has been installed by VIVAcoin for two years.

vivacoin tam.JPG

Migrants who are working in California can buy bitcoin and their family in Tijuana can get real world pesos banknotes against these bitcoin. The flow of money send by migrants to their family is huge : 27 million of dollars.

Another huge flow of money is coming from tourists travellers who are visiting foreign countries. Did you know that France is the most popular destination for tourists in the world ? 86 millions of tourists are visiting the Eiffel Tower, The Chambord castle or the Riviera each year.

Next week , the VIVAcoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will give VIVAcoin the means to distribute its innovative technology all around the world.
Imagine that I become a crown holder next week !

I would spend my time by installing photovoltaic car shelter all over the country.

I also would install a VIVAcoin ATM in Paris,
Paris ATM.jpg
riviera ATM.jpg

and Geneva.
Geneve ATM.jpg

Thousands of people doing their dreamed jobs, payed in VIVAcoin will arrived at the airport, get euro against their VIVAcoin , will rent an electric car, loaded by solar energy and will visit Paris, Geneva and the Riviera. What a bright future !

This future starts May 1st, in 4 days, with the VIVAcoin ICO. Don't miss the train !
Participate to the ICO
Downoad the white paper.

See you soon in Annecy.

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The pictures, especially the last ones are definitely defining the next level of our journey with Vivacoin, this is GREAT! Thanks a bunch for sharing, I'm glad I learned some more reading your article.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Love how you are thinking! I will come visit!!

You are welcome.

I would love a Vivacoin atm in my technologically backarsewards country XD

That's pretty awesome! Now i wish i had money and a place to put one.

I visited Paris in high school and have dreamed of going back. I know, with VIVA, that dream will come true!

I will organize a party for all the Crown Holders here :
You can pay in VIVAcoin, of course.

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