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Good morning people, I wanted to do a quick unofficial Vice Industry Token system update. I should preface this by saying I have no affiliation with the team, I'm just summarising points that I've picked up through my interactions within Telegram in an effort to help those that aren't paying as close attention to it as I am.

Is the Platform Live yet?

The long and short of it is NO its not. The Graphene chain is up and running and the witness nodes are working, but the actual public side of the system is not currently working.

When will it be fully operational?

How long is a piece of string? How many stars are in the sky? Why are the QLD Maroons so much better than the Blues? No one knows.
The platform was meant to be live about a week ago, but as of today they are still having a few dramas that have pushed the launch out a week or 2. Personally I'm not bothered by this, what crypto project in the history of crypto has ever delivered a project on time? So there's nothing to worry about here.

Why can't I see the Whitepaper any more?

There is a new Executive Summary being released any moment now that will override the old Whitepaper so it has been taken down.

When will I get the ICO Bonus tokens?

These will be distributed when you transfer your funds from the ERC20 Wallet that you used to buy the ICO, into the Vice platform. These are being manually applied, so will not appear by magic. This will take time so bare with them. They are a friendly bunch, so messaging them on Telegram if the process takes a long time would also help. There is an official procedure being written and will be released to the public shortly.

Can I register still?

Yes you can register a username and email on both and . To complete the registration, you will need to send 1500VIT. This will be staked on the platform for 13weeks the same as Steemit.

Why haven't I got any confirmation email?

This is just is a poor communication from the VIT Team. Candi on the Telegram page is busting her ass telling people over and over that no emails will be sent out until the sites are live. So if you want to be sure that you are registered, just check the TX to ensure it sent, then you'll be fine.

Do I really get paid to watch porn?

Technically, it should be "Get paid to interact with porn". Its no different to Steemit, you need to interact to give value to the content. So you will earn curation rewards when you like the content.

Does Vice have any linkage to Pornhub?

In terms of earning VIT on Pornhub, nothing has been mentioned in any official capacity but from my personal opinion Pornhub would be crazy to not partner with VIT, especially seeing as it thinks XVG and TRX are such good ideas.
But in other news, VIT are actually the Elite sponsor of the First ever Pornhub Awards show. They will be supplying the price money to the winners. This will be given as $X worth of VIT Tokens. This is awesome news for the company and for the holders. The winners have it in their best interest to build exposure for the system and encourage the price of the coin to increase.

What do I think the price will be a few months after launch?

This is 100% personal opinion, but I think it will have a rapid rise to $1, then I beleive that if more serious content creators come on board, the entire industry have it in their best interest to get the price per coin up to $10.
The Vice team wont entertain any kind of speculation of prices on their Telegram, so this is just my opinion and that of a few of my other friends.

How long do I have to transfer my ERC20 Tokens to the native VIT token?

There is a 9 month transition program to phase out all the old VIT tokens and move them to the new native token. You have plenty of time to swap these.


All images copyright to the team at Vice Industry Token

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It's in humble bundle for $1 at the moment.

What do you think they'll do with their unsold tokens? As I understand it they weren't burnt and could potentially be sold into the market in the future right?

I think i remember reading somewhere that this is where the percentages for the bonus came from. They could also circulate back into the rewards pool.
But I don't know the 100% correct answer.

I never thought about the rewards pool. It would be good if they were used to feed the rewards pool.