the grid - a visual trip - FullHD

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the grid - a 3D fractal flight

3D flight through chaos and order exploring the beauty of fractal math

visual animation original content by @elgeko
reference music: minimal bounce mix 2018 by Patrick Slayer.

FullHD - royalityfree - stockfootage - stockmaterial

rendered with mandelbulb3D, coloring tweaked with After Effects

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100 % original content created and produced by @elgeko


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hello elgeko.i like your is very intresting specially i like graphics.elgeko i am facing trouble to get votes can you upovote me please.

u are fantastic man. What about a man having a head out of bitcoin and a body out of dollars?

Great post and i love your art visual work but actually i would have love to but i am still yet to get enough steem power

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Awesome. I'm getting quite a collection of your work

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