deep red flight - a 3D fractal flight

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deep red flight - a 3D fractal flight

another visual theme I rendered last month.

3D flight through chaos and order exploring the beauty of fractal math

all visual animations and editing by @elgeko
reference music is taken from a techno-mix from the archives

FullHD - royalityfree - stockfootage - stockmaterial

rendered with mandelbulb3D, coloring tweaked with After Effects

Here are some of my other recent stock footage releases:

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original content created and produced by @elgeko


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Fractal math is beautiful. Such complex patterns and landscapes from a simple mathematical equation.

wow i guess it would really difficult to navigate those if i m piloting a craft.

btw share2steem team is working on a commercial to reach out to users outside steem, do you think you can work some animation for part of the scene ? or maybe we can use some of your existing work ? @sebbbl

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this is so cool !

Great in its own way. Math are just lacking the human soul. The touch of your hand should be added one way or the other.

LOVEEEEE, in fact a couple of these are in my super Lambo curation newsletter about to drop, don't get tooo HYPED :P

I like that

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I dont want you to follow my content !
Por favor no me sigas !

Y por favor deja de enviar spam en mis publicaciones. gracias. @sifondeseltz

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