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RE: I was just nearly Arrested..

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Greece officially on lockdown to , i am at the Peloponnese , down south , people seem to go on with there daily tasks , some wear face-masks most do not . They seem a bit afraid of tourist's and foreigners , but at least there no cops around . Out of respect of there fear i keep my distance , buy my stuff at the same store if i need something , so the guy will know in a view weeks that i ain't sick . Today he didn't even bother to put his gloves and mask on when i came in , probably just happy to see a buying customer .
Down here it's economics that go down fast , they all depend on tourism , of witch there are almost non , except for a few that got stuck here .
Stay free dude , stay safe .


The fear is funny to witness and hard to find anyone able to smile. I wentbinto a shop earlier to get a phone cable, i was surprised it was open and he was happy to sell something "Hello my friend" he said, "Theres a Crisis in the world and you look like your having a nice holiday" That was when I thought I could get trains, but nooooooooo

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