I was just nearly Arrested..

in #virus2 years ago

This morning I went to get a 50 changed up and was alone with the bike, and was stopped and asked where I was going. I said I was going to the shop, but actually everything is closed today because its a holiday day soI got told to go home.

Luckily I was already mostly packed and back at the squat, I saw that on the map there was a small lane that took me back onto the main road, so I didnt have to go far and could sneak out.

I remembered to take pictures at least of the place!

The Goats!




And my new Amigos!

I and any other good person that I know is always welcome to go there too.


Along the road, we did 30km before I kept getting stopped because the dogs were free. Everyone was alerting the rest that a man on a bike with dogs was on his way. The last car I saw was on the otherside in an industrial place and I heard it screech away to come and tell me or nick me. Its the most obvious thing in the world when you know they are alarted.

I went riding on a side road of a factory running parralell to the main road, and that was when they caught up with me. The Oldest was driving and got a out the car with handcuffs slapping them on the palmof his hand.

Another policeman who is a facist Nazi..

Hey but hats great is that 12 of them have been reported to have died from the 'virus', and they are still sat next to eachother in cars 🤣👍

Trains ARE still running but no often, so im now on a train to valencia, where i will just take more trains closer to Granada..


30mins and im in North Valencia, it would have taken 10 hours constant riding otherwise..

Lets see, how its in valencia and where I canget to from there. Hope to come across another paradise soon, The squat had no water and not good enuff to stay at so something better will arise!

Hope to charge up batterys soon to keep blogging this crazy shit, and if you think the country your in wont end up like Spain and Italy, then think AGAIN!! Heads up!


It's getting bad everywhere 😬

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Greece officially on lockdown to , i am at the Peloponnese , down south , people seem to go on with there daily tasks , some wear face-masks most do not . They seem a bit afraid of tourist's and foreigners , but at least there no cops around . Out of respect of there fear i keep my distance , buy my stuff at the same store if i need something , so the guy will know in a view weeks that i ain't sick . Today he didn't even bother to put his gloves and mask on when i came in , probably just happy to see a buying customer .
Down here it's economics that go down fast , they all depend on tourism , of witch there are almost non , except for a few that got stuck here .
Stay free dude , stay safe .

The fear is funny to witness and hard to find anyone able to smile. I wentbinto a shop earlier to get a phone cable, i was surprised it was open and he was happy to sell something "Hello my friend" he said, "Theres a Crisis in the world and you look like your having a nice holiday" That was when I thought I could get trains, but nooooooooo

I'm in Mexico right now and things are ok. Large gatherings have been cancelled but no lock downs so far.

We are planning a road trip next week to change location so it will be interesting to see how things are in different locations.

Keep going and you will find the right place to be.

Maybe you should put your dogs on leashes or ropes to save yourself some unwanted attention and grief.

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