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So yesterday, my friend @josediccus was kinda amazed that the lights I sell are hand made. YES! They are. I wanted to show you our Hot Air Balloon Light as it is the perfect example of true hand made craftmanship.

Those curved pieces of brass, the twisted pieces too, were bent and twisted by hand. Have you ever tried to bend a piece of steel by hand? It's kinda impossible!

Here's a vid I found online of a guy bending brass. This is literally how my coppersmith Jimmy bends the brass

Here's Jimmy heating up some brass to bend it back into shape. He's pretty amazing. He will work out how many crystals need to be on a light, and drill holes for the strings of crystal to hang from. He never gets it wrong.

1200 x 500 - R45600 INCL VAT.JPG

From there, my other colleagues will electrify and add crystal to the light. Amazing work, right!?


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WOW that's amazing, how long does it take to make one chandelier like this?

Beautifully Made, looks very time intensive to manufacture!

That's pretty nice indeed :)

So cool to see how they are made and that is a real beauty

oh wow so amazing! I have never seen a hot air balloon chandelier, this looks so cool!

Ohh! Yes why these Chandelier are very beautiful and full of pride and glory because they are made by the pioneers and so much efforts and expertise they used to give it the so amazing look.
These are very special and full of pride wow.

one more example of a wonderful handmade chandelier.
it requires a skill and concentration to make it ..
Loved it

Oh what lovely dreamy things exist in your world. Truly a joy to go to work I am sure. This is magnificent.

jimmy is truly an amazing artist in his field, It was so cool seeing the video of how he shapes the brass. I think this light is my favorite so far! Another fabulous post thank you @princesmewmew, I see you asked me if I was on discord I was and then had a computer issue I was planning on installing again after I fix the issue.