I'm up at 5AM Today (Sunday), the days of 9-5 Crypto are Over! - Episode 20

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First off, props to Vincent Briatore @elpompador for some great calls in the last week

Binance - +150%
Neblio - +100%
ZClassic +150%

and a couple others, I can't even keep up. Great stories.

Here's a picture of Vince if he grew a mustache.


Add the vincentb tag to your Steemit posts, let's friend each other, and upvote the posts with value added content. Read up on my first 20 episodes, as I've got some good stuff that documents my time since August 2017 in crypto. Up 4,315% so far!

Thank goodness I've got had my Binance and Bittrex accounts for awhile now as I heard they have shut down new registrations. People really need to check out the Bitshares DEX, and learn how to use bitUSD and 0% margin lending. BTS is going to continue to go up albeit slowly, but because of this, borrowing against BTS and buying more of whatever you want like Gridcoin, EOS, or more BTS is a no-brainer. I've even got my dad doing it now, and he is the ultimate crypto-skeptic.

I've got 1BTC burning a hole in my pocket this morning and trying to figure out what alt to start a new bag with. Please leave your recommendations in the comments below. Follow me, and I'll follow up, and am a generous upvoter for witty thoughts, or turning me on to other gurus. @Vella on Twitter has been spot on for some good short term trades like MOIN, ELLA, and Solaris.

This is just the start! STEEM is not just Steemit.com, there is SO much more. Check out Blocktivity, #1 in traffic for STEEM.



I was proposing kucoin share to our community 2 days ago , and here is it +180% , i m holding some trx and xvg , i believe on the long term hold for these coins , othervise I advice you to look after dgn , steem and powerledger .

Thanks, I'm thinking that ERC20 tokens that are easily stored on Ledger Nano S are going to continue to do well. I'm seeing all of these Pepe Cash memes everywhere on Twitter, and Carter Thomas recommended checking out PEPECASH and MEME as there is actually a lot of traffic. If DOGE is a meme, and PEPE is a meme, I can't do the math myself, but I've got to think this will continue to gain strength.

I wanted to register , but they disabled new user registrations for an infrastructure upgrade. And I don't know when the registrations will be able again , do you know something about that?

They are adding a new token today , miam miam :D ( named Canya ) , I think you will have to wait some minutes , it always happen time they add the coin into the market, I will detail the benef of holding kucoin share ( in summary you get micro deposit on your account of ALL the coins traded on the platforme by having a % of the tax fees of traders in the exchange ) very nice on the long term once again .

I have NO idea, centralized exchanges have been bombarded with new user registrations and can't handle the load. I signed up for Kucoin exchange just in case, but I'd recommend the Bitshares DEX, it will never go down, is everywhere and nowhere. Follow @Stan and watch Crypto Connie broadcasts that feature @Stan and some pending announcements. BTS blows away the rest of the decentralized exchanges in terms of transaction speed. Learn about bitUSD as an alternative to Tether. Cheers!

interesting. i am into crypto too. you should check qash think it will grow massive

feel free to register , both of us winners : https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1P5xc

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