Just mined 1BTC worth of XDAG coin in 4 days! 🤑🎉

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Here are the results from my 4 day $XDAG(Dagger) coin mining experiment since my last introductory post to the coin:

CPUS: 341 (11 servers * 31 cpus)
Hashrate: 220 (11 * 20) mhs
Cost: $600 USD
Current price for each coin: $0.25
Total coins mined: 49k
Income: 49k * 0.25 = $12250
Profit: $12250 - $600 = $11650 (approximately 1 BTC)

I plan to stop mining the coin soon or at least reduce the number of servers since the difficulty has increased tremendously in the last few days. There's also talk of a gpu miner being in the works. In general, this has been a positive rodeo and so I plan to seek other fresh cpu mineable coins from now.

Not investment advice...


"Current price for each coin: $0.25" .... currently there is not a single exchange trading any XDAG-pair ... the number is totaly made up ... and moreover is fooling people ... i mined 1k on 4 thread a day ... i would sell them directly for 0.25 USD ... but atm you have to find someone stupid, who would pay me 250 bucks for 1 day of mining with 4 threads of my CPU ....

It depends on the amount of XDAG you have i.e. the more the better. I've seen peeps sell as high as $0.5.

Second this sentiment. Going rate on Discord trading chat is closer to $0.1 for now - still profitable given other calculations in the post, though.
Difficulty has gone up quite a bit lately :/

Hi, what do you think about the Golem project?

Hey. Golem is a cool concept but its a long short. I really like how this guy explains this


Awesome work! I`ve re-steemed!
Must be supported...
Thank you for your wonderful work 😊😊

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Thank You! ⚜

Nice, results like that in only 4 days are amazing

Indeed. But the difficulty has increased substantially.

Could you make a post on how to setup a server to mine on if you have enough time?