My first ICO

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I've shared with you in this platform some of my experience in the last few months as an investor in cryptocurrencies.

First I bought BTC as a way of saving. Then I started trading, buying coins soon to be forked (good idea, especially if you sell before the actual fork), followed pumps (and luckily didn't got rekt), invested in coins with enough potential of growth that I can actually let myself to forget about their price for a few months, thought about investing in mining and cloud mining, and of course ICOs.

After some heavy thought about it, I decided that as soon as I could find some projects interesting enough to make me think that they could have a brilliant future, I would invest on it.

I found myself reading about a handful of them every week for the last few weeks and then I found something that got my attention.


A platform to find and learn new knowledge or to share yours, while you're being rewarded for it. I'm a very curious person and every time that some subject or theme catches my attention, I want to learn everything I can about it. So this sounded very much like something that I would like to use.

What really got me excited about it was this concept: Knowledge Score.

Every user in the platform will be scored based on three lines:

  • Knowledge: defines how deep this user knows a particular topic or activity. It would be determined based on information fed by some platforms directly associated or linked by the user itself.
  • Interest: this provides a clear indication of someone's intention in acquiring new knowledge of a particular area.
  • Review: indicates how this user is perceived by other users in some different areas.

With all of these information crossed on the same platform, we might be able to have access to new ways of learning about the things we like, getting to know people interested in the same things and also, once you've proven a high level of knowledge of some particular area you could actually get rewarded for sharing that knowledge with other people. Not to mention, how easy it would be to find people interested in learning what you have to teach. You might be able to find new opportunities just by promoting those same products or services that you already use on a day-to-day basis.

For all of this, I have invested in my very first ICO

In case you are interested in learning more about it, this is the link to their website:

And this the link to their whitepaper:

Once you've done your own research and read all about it, if you think it is a good idea to invest in this ICO then you can use my referral link to get an extra 8% bonus (8% more tokens of whatever quantity you decide to buy):

Please share your thoughts


I've heard about this ICO my friend and I think it's going to be a good investment. Let's see how it goes

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Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

Great piece @johanalejo,

I have invested in about 30 ICOs so far. Some have been great, some OK, and one was a flat out scam, which I wrote an article about here:

I invested in Knowledge too by the way, looks like a decent project

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Nice too hear about people’s experience, I invested in savedroid ICO days ago it was my first ICO too. Lets hope the best.

Nice to know you are first investment in ICO. I have shared mine here Like you I also started with BTC, but could not follow pumped coin though made some gains, also lost a few times. But at the moment I am at a break-even. I hope my invest will pay off a good profit.

Good information and you analyze good ico. Ofcourse will follow your upcoming posts regarding anymore good ico to get participation in it.

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Wow, will use your ref link. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a brilliant project!

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I have a question. Is it same like Steemit?

It is a new ICO (initial public offering) bro. Another new on you can read here .

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Thank you for sharing such a detailed and informative post. I am definitely interested in the project and now have a desire to invest. I hope this ICO can really develop and succeed.

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Wow greate article!
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I just did my first one as well and you know what is with the same as mine and yours is that the platform looks exactly the same it's like and beans this my first one is that I wonder if all of them are the same like that then but there's no way they could be so

Nice piece of information. Before invest your hard earned money in any form of investment, It is very vital to have a in depth study of that project . Recently I came across a good project and collected all facts and published a post yesterday. Please have a look at this.

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I am curious about the outcome of this ICO, since I am a little bit fed up about every type of people are teaching on Udemy without any critical thinking, on Khan academy things can get boring. The success factor of this platform lays in how many good teachers will be involved. I hope, they have a marketing plan for that too. Upvoted, followed. Check my blog too if you like...

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