#Binancedown (and why this is good news)

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I haven't been able to log in into my Binance account today and my best guess is that if you have an account there, you haven't either.

As you should know by now, their website is still going through a system upgrade and although they announced that the task had been completed, as of now I still can't even load their webpage properly on my web browser.

I must admit that as annoyed as I feel for not been able to log in and trade, I feel confident that they're going to solve this situation as soon as possible. And even when there were rumours earlier about a possible hack, they handled the situation so fast and with so much responsibility that I didn't even have the chance to be worried about. So kudos for a great work there Binance.

So now you must be asking what's up with the "good news" on this post's title. Am I talking about Binance handling on the situation? I'm talking about how one of the biggest names on crypto today has shown how professionals they are at what they do. But most of all, I'm talking about how we, the crypto community has responded to this.

This last few weeks we've seen how the smallest and most insignificant "not so good" news have hitted really hard the market. So after a few good days is nice to see how the fact that one of the bigger exchanges (the one with the fastest growth in the last year) has been down basically all day, didn't stop at all tha market's growth.

One more reason to be happy. One more reason to believe that this "crash" might be over and that we are again heading to a bullish run that could take bitcoin and most of altcoins to new all time highs.

Cheers for that


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Bitly vincentb got yah a yoghurt and fry's

I have Binance account also and they are best crypto exchange but I am sure that there was some attack on them. If you suppose to do system upgrade then few days in front you pronounce that. Big exchange like Binance to go in to system upgrade without warning... NO CHANCE

Use the subdomains us.binance.com or kr.binance.com, they are both working.

Your way of expression is amazing...yes binance truly is a prestisge exchang. Congrats CZ well deserved. Yes crash is done.

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"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own." Baron Rothschild

As Binance is now back up and running, I believe there are good transactions happening. Today a very good bullish trend is seen. People who missed to invest last week on crypto is definitely going to regret.

I like binance, is so fast with mobils

I seen they are resuming the service.

Great post. Keep up the good work.

Binance being down has allowed me to step away from actively managing my crypto for the past few days. I have never had more time to do everything

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I was able to trade earlier and bought some more Neo, Ethos, and XRP with a 70% fee discount. Not bad for having to wait.

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Yes I agree with you.
Binance handled it professionally... and the founder keeps everyone updated all the time :)
follow him in tweeter @cz_binance if you haven't done yet :)

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Good insight mate. I do think the market needed a big correction overall!

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thank you for your hard work, hopefully it can lift back to a higher level after several weeks stop in trading

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I can't login into my account either, you are not alone. But I noticed the android app was up.

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on the Binance twitter it did say that they had a ddos attack so i guess it does build a little less faith in the system but since it was resolved in a day or so and things are for ever upgrading so its ok

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I have to agree! The Binance team is really great and I have always trusted them! Nevertheless, you should never hold your funds on an exchange.. .Just too risky :)

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Maybe good for you! Not for me :( I Lost money because my funds were locked

Bitly vincentb got yah a yoghurt and fry's

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good post!!!