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Hello Beautiful people!,

If you want to have a romantic weekend, you need to go to Antwerp!
The best food and the best Sunset!

These were my shots of 2017! Not every day you got the opportunity to take a good moment for a good shot!

I hope you enjoy my Shots!


My best shot token at Kaai Antwerp!


Sunset at kaai Antwerp


Do i see the lights of De Schelde, Antwerp


Minerva at sunset - Antwerp 18:00 Pm


Minerva at sunset - Antwerp 18:12 pm


Crimson sunset at Antwerp


Driven Sunset Shot at Antwerp


Sunset Schelde Antwerp

I will take More sunset Pictures in the future! It is not every day thats why it take time!
I hope you like my shots with an easy: sony dsc rx100


From Antwerp!


Yeah, that's really magnificent sunset. Really nice pictures...

thank you tandglese ! i wil check your blog !

this looks beautiful! and you are my first upvote on steemit. i got here thru vincentb.... but im half lost cuz this is my first time lol.... its nice to be here tho :)

Keep up the good work!

very nice pictures.i was last year in Antwerp,is a really beautiful city.

Great! yeah it is a great city! how long have you been in antwerp?

about 1 month,my boyfriend is from Belgium.take a look at my blog,i have pictures from Antwerp.

Yes, would love to go!

Thats a good choice! Let me know when you come to Antwerp, I'll tell you where to go!

Really beatuiful pictures, wishing summer could come more soon

thank you! ;)

your post is very interesting, I really like it and I will menuggu your next post more interesting

Excellent content, follow back, vincentb tag - united we stand, divided we fall - together to the top

Beautiful pictures. Keep them coming. Love this stuff! Upvoted

Damn. After studying 4 years in Antwerp, never took the time to notice a sunset. Guess they must be better at the coast during summer :)

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