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RE: How NOT to use voting bots

in #vincentb4 years ago

Any recommended list of bots which are beneficial currently ? minnowbooster approximately gives an up-vote 3 times its bid value. I got $0.32 for a bid of 0.12. Hope that's beneficial.


Now in the case you mentioned above. If you received the upvote from bot after 30 minutes of your post then 25% of the payout goes to curators. Suppose you got upvote after 30 minutes, lets do some maths. You get 0.32$ upvote, 25% of 0.32 is 0.08.
0.32 - 0.08 = 0.24 (total amount after curation)
0.24 ÷ 2 = 0.12(half of it is paid in sbd and half of it is paid in steem power). That's why divided by 2.
So you received 0.12sbd at payout of your post (if steem prices stay the same or it will change too).
This means if you received the upvote after 30 minutes of your post then you get a little profit in terms of steem power. And you received the same Sbd you invested.

Exactly. So I might have received my SBD in return but received some free steem.

Right and create value for the curators!

Those listed as promotion services and other bots at seem to be more profitable right now. Otherwise, you could just wait until the last minute to submit your bid to those bots that reach there with a positive ROI

Is there one you can recommend please? I used one @treeplanter because I liked the cause but his voting strength is still limited. I enjoy your content BY THE WAY! Thanks