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We are currently looking to add one curator to our team to help with upvotes distribution and stream promotion. Specifically, we're looking for someone who can speak both English and Polish fluently.

Why Polish?

Recent statistics for Vimm.TV has shown us that most streamers prefer to use their native tongue to interact with their viewers and are unlikely to use English as the main language for their channel. We also see that we need to increase our promotion and curation efforts for the Polish community as it currently represents the 2nd most used non-english language on Vimm.

This is why we are currently looking for one motivated individual to help the @vimm team curate Polish content on the platform. The person taking this role needs to have a good grasp of how to interact with their community. Most importantly, you also need to be able to communicate with the rest of the @vimm team in English to take part in team meetings and events planning.

What do?

Your role as a Curator is to look for, promote, and reward streamers who bring some high quality content to Vimm.TV. You must also help with the promotion of official @vimm community events for the PL community.

I want to join! How do I apply?

[1] Leave a comment to this post and tell us why you want to become a curator.
[2] Join our Discord server and contact us by using the #apply channel.
[3] Wait for a staff member to message you and answer a few questions.

That's it! We'll contact you within a week if you've been selected.

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Hello Im 23 years old Polish streamer. I know both Polish and English. I also had my own game (Tibia server) and fanpages so I know how to interact with people. I dont have real job so im spending atleast 12 hours per day on Streaming and watching other streamers (interacting with them). I wish the best to #steem and to #vimm. I'm grinding so hard to get SP because I want to help people and curate them. My biggest inspirations (from the time I created steemit account) are @acidyo and @thejohalfiles. I want to be a small version of them and help people. For me #steemit is a second home like a family. What else I can say. I just want #vimm to grow and I want to be a part of community.

I think that nobody of streamers that i know have that much time like Txmek. He is a great man allways ready to play with friends, making great content and long streams just becuase it is his passion. Community need that involved person like him. He allways communicate well in polish and english language. I truly recommend him! 👍

I recommend this man!

Thanks for that words cyrusik and atnazo. I really appreciate that!

I think @txmek is a good person for the curator

hahah nasza morda ! :D

  ·  last year (edited)

It's would be nice try. If its possible I submit my candidacy :)
I join to steem on march and have alot of stream experience , sometimes help with technical problems.

  ·  last year (edited)

I recommend this user :) I Think he will be very helpful in Vimm and his english is good too :)

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Maxofp2p is active polish user, I think that he is a good choice for Vimm curator

@Maxofp2p is good, helpful person. I recommend this guy.

I agree @maxofp2p is a great choice.

We strongly recommend this user.:) @maxofp2p

  ·  last year (edited)

I highly recommend this user. @maxofp2p is an extremely nice man, with a lot of knowledge about Steemit, and who can use it well to help others.

I upvote and recmmend this steemian. Always helpfull for alot peoples.

I think he's one of the best candidates. Why?

  • always helpfull
  • knows everything about steem, dlive and some other
  • active user, so we can see he's engaging

@maxofp2p - good choice :)

My vote for maxofp2p of course - he's very friendly and helpful!

Max will be the best curator. Max to max

@maxofp2p is a good guy to do work like this, he is a righteous man, always standing tall to do his duty well ;)

Here I am. The one who smashed your chat and helped you in searching for backdoors. I have some experience, so it would be nice to help in the development of the new streaming platform. :)

Another competent candidate!

I recoment this steemian. He is friendly and know alot abaut steem.

hej im half polish half german, why there is nothing 4 german VIMM-community ?

There is! @nerdtopiade put out this post a few days ago :)

We have a german channel on our Discord and we would love to add a polish channel as well! Expanding our curation team is part of the process of helping these communities grow on Vimm.

Thank you for your feedback! We will do a better job at promoting these events in the future.

2nd most ? Could it be that german is the most non-english Language ? Nice :)
I am one month on the team for the german speaking community ..i think you did not notice :)

My English is not too bad, have been on Steem for more than a year, your project looks interesting so I wouldn't mind giving a try 🙂

A member of the staff will contact you through discord within 24 hours. Thank you showing interest in the project 😁

Ok 🙂

I decided to call my candidature. I like games and good streams. Most important people on platforms like this are people who loved what they doing. That content is the best I think :). My English is on medium level

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Someone will contact you on Discord soon. Thank you for showing interest in :)

I would like to submit my candidacy.

I operate English at a high level. Not mentioning the native (Polish): P

I've been on the platform since January this year. I have learned a lot during this time and I think that I would be a good curator for the community :)

Thank you for submitting your candidacy. Someone from the Vimm team will contact you on Discord within the next 24 hours :)

Sure :)

Well, maybe I can hop in when you guys start looking for a french curator :P

This is awesome tho, I hope you find someone :)
Keep up the good work everyone @vimm!

I'm still waiting for you to do your first Vimm stream broski ;)

"No more excuses. I'll have to set up my vimm channel :P"

What do you have to say for yourself sir?

Been on Steemit for 1 year & 3 months now. Just creating content like blogs before, but have focused on livestreaming (on the steem blockchain ofc) and most recently doing vlogs.

I think i could step up my steemit life and be a curator, but most of all, help vimm and the steemit platform grow in any way that i can. :)

I'm from Asia, Philippines to be exact. The livestreaming trend is catching up here very fast. :)

I have a sneaking suspicion @vimm is about to get a lot more popular very quickly. :)

I concur mate I concur

With the fall of Dlive and a few mentions I noticed your project looks interesting and I look forward to seeing you grow.

I speak both languages. Polish is my first language tho but I live in the states.

  ·  last year (edited)

I'd like to apply to join the curation team form

[1] I've been on STEEMit for almost a year now and I've been dedicated to the platform and to many communities. However I'm not in a team of any community besides a group of friends and family where I'm actively coaching and involved there.

I'm looking to be more occupied and serve more people on the STEEMit blockchain and I would love to be a part of the curations team of Vimm to accomplish that.

I don't speak Polish though but I speak and write English and Malay (Malaysia & Indonesia). I also understand Mandarin. Maybe not the right time to apply particularly for this post but I thought I'd just apply anyway :D

[2] I am already on the Discord Channel of Vimm.

[3] Waiting to hear some good news on this :D

  ·  last year (edited)

@Maxofp2p he is a good friend, helpful and active on steemit

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@ewkaw, in case you are interested :)

Mieszkam na Filipinach, czy jest szansa abym został waszym kuratorem? Zaznaczam, że nie znam nikogo kto by poparł moją kandydaturę :) Mam za to dużo czasu na bycie online.

chyba powinieneś zgłaszać kandydaturę w języku angielskim...

I would love to be a curator and part of vimms...

I am a steemians for almost a year now and I love this platform... I am not an investor, infact I am a Believer... So unlike investors I will not flee the platform in rough times...
You an count on me.

Hey Vimm Team, I wouldn't mind helping with curation. Sounds like an awesome opportunity.

Hi He Helooooo ! :D POLAND POWER !
Witam wszystkich bardzo serdecznie ! :) nie bede tu pisał po angielski a to z powodu takiego ze jestem polskim streemerem ! zaczynałem na yt potem dl a obecnie Vimm ! jestem tu jak większość mojej polskiej rodziny! która poznałem na wczesniej wymienionych portalach ! cóż tu wiecej dodawac !


Hi, if u want my help, just write P.M to me ;) Of course im Polish dude.

I would like to join and curate. I'll also be using @moneymatchgaming, so those I curate will get double the love