Hard Times Are When Winners Arise - Introducing Streamers Unite - A community driven manual curation project that rewards live streamers on the Steem blockhchain

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Four days ago marked one of the saddest days in the history of the Steem blockchain. The CEO of Dlive, @wa7 announced that Dlive is forever leaving Steem behind and is replacing it with another blockchain, LINO. Read his post about it here and pay attention to the huge backlash of the Steem community it resulted in the comment section down below.

Because of such strong involvment and dedication to the project, many feel betrayed and abandoned by the dapp they gave most of their attention to.

Amidst the chaos that has befallen the Steem community we shall not fall

We will rise from the ashes like a Pheonix and come out stronger than ever before. This is kind of sudden, but very impactful change, is something every one of us on the Steem blockchain and in all of the crypto space in general, should already be used to but, many were caught by surprise. No one expected Dlive to leave Steem, nor were there any reasons to believe something like this would happen, but it did. Its a test of ones motives and determination.

These are the times that separate the weak from the ones that will actually be able to succeed in life. And the only ones that will succeed, are the ones who are capable of quickly adapting and change their focus accordingly when problems like this arise.

While Steem's Dlive community is crumbling and slowly migrating to LINO

Steem's gaming community is taking a blow. A really hard one. But fear not, we have Vimm.tv! Dlive isn't the only livestreaming service on the Steem blockchain but, because of the massive 2m Steeminc delegate, most users mainly focused their attention and content creation there.

Vimm.tv is the answer!

While some may argue that Dtube is where ex-dlivers should stream on, I disagree. Vimm seems to be a much better option for gaming related content creators and streamers in general.

STEEMs gaming community deserves its own place on the blockchain and Vimm.tv will easily fill that gap some Steemians have in their hearts now as they feel like they lost Dlive and livestreaming on the Steem blockchain. All while probably not knowing about Vimm.tv

Streamers Unite

Is more than just another curation project. It aims to be the go-to place for STEEMs live streamers and unite the part of the comunity that share the same passion for streaming and gaming. Migrating the ex-Dlive community to @vimm is the first point on @streamersunite's to do list. I'm not implying that users should stop streaming on Dlive. That's your own, personal choice.

That said, @streamersunite's current to do list is:

  • Get Steemians familiar with Vimm.tv
  • Grow Vimm's userbase
  • Reach gamers from outside of the cryptospace and help them get started with streaming on Vimm
  • Increase engagement
  • Organize gaming contests
  • Manually curate Vimm.tv live streamers
  • Publish a weekly list of top Vimmers and reward them accordingly
  • Grow @streamersunite community
  • Increase @streamersunite SP through user delegations
  • Host regular and spontaneous live curation shows
  • Anything else that could potentially help Vimm.tv grow as a platform

Further goals will be added in the future and any suggestions are always welcome.

In order to achieve set goals and help @streamersunite reach more Steemians with upvotes we need to chip-in parts of our SP to be able to support more content creators

The problem STEEMs streamers are facing now is so big, so worth of solving, that I decided to delegate 1k SP to @streamersunite to kickcstart its love sharing powers! As I earn more on my main account, I'll use most of it to further increase @streamersunite's success.

To support @streamersunite with your delegation, simply use these links:

Quick Delegation Links:
25 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP |
500 SP | 1,000 SP | 2,500 SP |
5,000 SP |

Although not a profit generating scheme @streamersunite will reward its supporters with regular upvotes

Don't expect the delegation to be profitable, because it won't be. It won't be possible, with the goals of the project being to reach as many content creators as possible and unless we get a massive delegate by some noble whale. Your delegations to @streamersunite will probably never be that profitable of an investment. If monetary gains are what you wish to receive, this is not the place to put your SP in but, if you want to help support and grow one of the biggest communities on Steemit that got abandoned over night then, delegate to @streamersunite.

If you decide to delegate to @streamersunite you will receive:

SP DelegationSponsor Benefits & Upvote Frequency
25 SPguaranteed 2 or more @streamersunite upvote per week
50 SPguaranteed 4 or more @streamersunite upvotes per week
100 SPguaranteed 8 or more @streamersunite upvotes per week
250 SPguaranteed 14 or more @streamersunite upvotes per week

Dlive abandoning the Steem blockchain left a big hole in our hearts. Now it's time to fill it with love. And upvotes!



I highly recommand to support this project. I know @runicar. And believe me he will do his best to help @vimm grow and to support the community.

Thanks @txmek means a lot to me. We are all going to make it brah! Veni Vidi Vici

Delegated 25SP to start, keep up the good work and good luck :D

Awesome! Thanks a lot. Added on the list eagerly awaiting your first live stream. I've seen you a couple of times on Dlive. You rock!

Im actually streaming right now :P and thanks! Will do more in the future when I can :)

On it! Connection is terrible today so I won't be able to join but will do tomorrow :)

I am Streamer too, so I know the feelings, when you lose your place in the internet. When You lose trust to people, who You liked before. It's cool hearing that there is new curation project, which will help streamers on Steem. Steem is a big house for artist and creators, so I am glad that i am part of it. I am my heart with steem, because I as a Steemian can share my love with upvotes and make people happy, becuase i appreciate their effort. Streaming is not only about click "start stream". After that you making all in real time with some delay on the stream. You need have a good contact with Viewers, share your attention with them and of course have fun, when playing game. Sometimes are days, when You have full chat and You can't answer for all questions. But many times, when You streaming for hours for the late night and your chat is not active, You still do what you love! You know that someone can watch You, even if He don't talk with You. Allways when You change platform You lose many of Your dear Viewers and need to gather them back, but it's not that easy. Many streams will be with almost empty chat, but I never surrender and i movitate Yourself to go forward. I Really thanks You @Streamersunite for Your effort and support. I will join curation trail with some power vote to make vimm.tv best platform in the World! #AllWeCanDoThat

I've seen you around Dlive :) All we can do is share to love around. Just use #streamersunite to call me to your live streams in the future. Thanks for the support!

I support you in your sister project, I think it's a good idea

Does Vimm.tv sync up easy with obs or does it need a different encoding tool? I just start streaming my news shows and gaming when all this dlive stuff went down and I don't want go back to leaning on youtube. I find Dtube unreliable to say the least though

Not sure how easy it is to set up as I haven't tried it yet. Still shocked and hadn't managed to move on and start my virst stream. But from what I know it runs on OBS. Just not sure how easy it is to set up.

I'll get it going, can't be much worse than what I'm used too ;). Dlive didn't let me switch my account over anyhow

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A great project my man! You got my full support! #onlylove!

Thanks buddy! You know how it is :)

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