My Viewly ⚡ Banner Made By @Deimus

in viewly •  last year


Thanks to @deimus for creating my awesome Viewly banner!

Flippin' rad bro!

Check out the banner that @deimus made for me below:


Still waiting for my themed one though! ;)

If anyone would like to have their own Viewly banner made by @deimus... then check out his article below:

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Looks great! Great work!


Thank you - Have you tried loading a video onto yet?


No I haven't, but then again I don't really have videos to load on there LOL

Hey hey hey @leelektrik - it's like belonging to some exclusive club. All the supporters - thanks @deimus - this is great - once again I can say I'm happy to be on the boat

They are looking amazing @leelektrik - have you seen mine? so proud of it. Now we really need to promote


Can't wait till I get my themed one :D @pandamama

Thanks for the shout out, @leelektrik! Very excited about Viewly.

@deimus got you a $1.5 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@deimus got you a $1.5 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Nice! I already saw the banner in the Telegram group and it looks great on Steemit. I'm really looking forward to the final Viewly

These banners are awesome! It would be great to have your own themed one, but I think they look magnificent as is! Thank you, Jack, for these banners!


Yes, I also think they're awesome @owenkay