Viewly ⚡ Banners for Viewlyographers and Developers

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Will you join me and support the only decentralized video platform that is designed to reward original content creators?

Viewly Banners for Steemit

If you support Viewly, then I'd like to support you! For the duration of this post, I will make you your very own Viewly in space banner! The platform is still in early testing stage so this banner is only for the true believers. That means it's limited edition so you have 7 days to respond and get on the Viewly boat. If you miss the deadline, don't be sad, just send me a nudge on one of my new posts and suggest a theme. If I like your idea, I'll make a new banner available to Viewly supporters.

Banners for Supporters

@furion used the word "Advocate" and I think it gives a strong message. We are not only supporters, we believe in the team and the philosophies that Viewly is built on. If you're an advocate of Viewly, reply and tell me how you're spreading the word on Steemit and other social media platforms and I'll make you a banner.

Banners for Viewlyographers

Do you make amazing videos? Tell me how you're planning to get rich posting your videos on Viewly and I'll make you your own Viewly creators banner. Please tell me a little bit about yourself and what type of videos you make.

Banners for Viewly Devs

I'm afraid these banners are only available for the core Viewly team. That means you only get one if you're listed on the Viewly website. They're so rare that I can't even make one for myself.

Beer Money

I've chosen to invest my time in cryptocurrency projects. If I don't get rewarded, nothing will change. I will continue to do my best to support community based projects. Aside from helping out with Viewly I'm also working on a video project called D5 with @starkerz and @patrickm, designed to make cryptocurrency easy for everyone. Please resteem and show your support for decentralized projects like Viewly that are built by and focused on the community.

Thanks for reading

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I think these banners look amazing - check out telegram and you can see how I promote viewly to my followers @deimus. I think I deserve on of those Advocate ones - I'm always telling people about and have got my little team to post videos already


You definitely do deserve one! Here you go:


Yay - thank you - I love it - will put it up today @deimus

Oh man! These banners look incredible. Great work, @deimus! May I get a Creator banner? It's a bit unfortunate you can't make yourself a Dev banner, you're putting in so much work into designing stuff for Viewly, perhaps we'll see you on the partners or advisors section. :)


Haha, just a little joke, I'm all set up. I made myself an island style logo, but I made sure to add the viewly logo in there.

Here you go:


Thanks so much, man! Very much appreciated. It looks so awesome. I freakin' love it. xD I love yours though. So damn cool.

Nice design



@deimus can you make me a Viewly banner with a "money" theme.. think high life Dan Bilzerian, Floyd Mayweather type of Lifestyle.. really dig the space looking one you did nice job!



Thank you for my Banner - really cool - love it @deimus

I LIKE MINE!! "Advocate" :)

@pandamama got you a $1.49 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@pandamama got you a $1.49 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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I am a strong advocate of Viewly. I have promoted viewly several times in various posts and comments. Here are some of my posts :

I also believe in viewly, and a big fan.

@deimus it looks like you have been working through the night again. You need to get some rest. Amazing work on these banners and thank you so much for mine. Really appreciate it

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