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in viewly •  2 years ago  (edited)
Viewly Alpha Trial Super excited to be trying [viewly]( out using esteem. This will be a game changer. Taking the power away from YouTube and handing it back to content creators. You know, the ones that actually put the work in. This will definitely be a community driven powerhouse when it's released.

Get on board folks, and check out my video below


And, as always Steem On!



made with [esteem](

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Amazing @justatg cant imagin we r actually can use something else other than youtube 🙆‍👌

R u the one who narrates the poem?

Its really nice 👏👏

@marwa I know, exciting times ahead. Yes that's my voice and my poem. (But I'm not a real Wolf) 😜
Thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated. 👍

Yeah , I guessed it wasn't u in person lol.
But i am impressed 👍🏻, really nice, and you r most welcome .

Great to hear @justatg I'm helping them with community management let me know what other feedback you have!

Thanks @steemitqa will do 👍