🌴 VIEWLY ORIGINAL CONTENT 🎁 GIFT for @furion and the VIEWLY devs

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WARNING: Don't watch this video without the volume set to 11! Your ears will thank you as you rock out to the wicked soundtrack by @edenmichelle. There's also some mind-bending camerawork by my man C FACE and of course the ultimate street art of SENTO.

INTRODUCING THE ORIGINAL CONTENT SERIES This video is the first of a series of promotional videos showcasing some of the amazing original content coming to Viewly. Look out for more amazing videos, coming soon!

The series also features a brand new logo animation made especially for these videos.


Beer Money

I've chosen to invest my time as a supporter of Viewly. I also support other community based projects, including D5 with @starkerz and @patrickm, designed to make cryptocurrency easy for everyone. Please resteem and show your support for decentralized projects like Viewly that are built by and focused on the community.

Thanks for reading


I must say that from the 0:00 second to 2:00, this video is amazing! I truly love it!!!

Well done @deimus - this is a great video - next up the viewly logo

Yeah, that would be great!

Love the video @deimus - and wonderful to hear my original music featured. Will add a nice touch to my showreel - thank you so much

Thanks so much for being a part of this @edenmichelle, the track worked perfectly!

@edenmichelle you seriously rock! Your talent is simply incredible!

Thank you SO much @offoodandart - I hope we meet someday

This is a truly outstanding video @deimus. You should be very proud of it - will make a wonderful trailer for content for viewly. Also love your animated gif

Thanks so much for your support, @pandamama!

Great video!
I see great potential for you on Viewly!

Thanks, yeah I'm excited to get these videos up on viewly!

Hey @deimus - this is a great video and a wonderful soundtrack by @edenmichelle. The artist has also done a great job and seems very focussed throughout. Great production

Thanks @lizzvox! Maybe I can use one of your tracks in the upcoming videos!

Would love nothing more @deimus - and thanks for using my track in the boat party video - that was so exciting


Haha, thanks for stopping by!

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Excellent work, your stuff is really taking off!

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