DTube vs Viewly : Lets go for the one which is better

in viewly •  2 years ago 

So two great projects , and I was trying to evaluate which wins. I uploaded couple of videos at both , and here is my observation.

Viewly does not need an extra snapshot , it automatically shows the video as preview. But DTube needs one snapshot.

And the rendering of the video in the browser is better in viewly.

I have uploaded 2 videos so far in both the sites. And I am using chrome browser, the videos in viewly seems to preserve better quality to me than DTube. Below are the links in both the sites, I encourage my Steemtian friends to give your opinions.

As I believe we can be a change, so we should contribute when these great products are being built.

I believe Quality matters most in any software project, and whichever will win, it will win because of quality.





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What about the beneficials for posts? I've read that dtube will take like 25%... Whats about Viewly?

Okay, I just saw on your steemd site that just dTube seem to charge: https://steemd.com/@sanjeevm

Viewly is 0% fee.

Is that viable for the future? Also some video creators would like to be paid when people share their video. This could be big business for Steem 2.0, I mean a 7 days time window for the curation of blog posts is fine but for a film it's totally different.

Thank you for the response and clarification.

May be @furion can answer that. As an end user I am more concerned about quality first, because that is what will impress the audience. But these factors will also affect.

Thank you, that is what every guy working in IT Software faces :)

Haha naaah it isn't so bad but finding bugs is sometimes exhausting. But you learn a lot!

i think view.ly got the better performance and quality.

Looks to me like the quality difference is due to the size. View.ly kept the cell phone size and look and dtube stretched it.