Meme the News- QAnon- Is the party Starting?

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So, some special news up front and a standard Meme the News in the back. It's like the mullet of Meme the News.

If you're not red pilled at all than this stuff will likely seem weird and out of left field, but lemme break it down. The world is run by immoral banksters who cause harm. They can print money at will so they have a lot of influence. They infiltrated governments, religion, business, media. They are all over the place. They do many illegal activities. They make other people do illegal activities. They are given the option of choose your metal: gold or lead; meaning, do as we say and get rich or do what you want and die. So, they blackmail lots of people, and our world turns to shit.

One major player was Anthony Weiner. The white hats in the police and military catfished him with an underage girl and he was setup. When they took him down they seized his laptop. On that laptop was a file called "life insurance" that detailed many crimes of primarily the Clintons who are tied to rest of the Deep State. The Deep State is made up of these unelected mostly intelligence officials like at the CIA and FBI and within thousands of departments that have been purposefully obfuscated. Anyway, immediately after Weiner was busted there were arrests all over the country. There's currently 13,000+ sealed indictments in addition to the thousands of human traffickers who have been brought down.

The Mass Arrests that I've been hearing about since 2012 seem like they are coming. Maybe this week. The money securing all of this seems to have been passed last night. We'll see.

Two things:

  1. If it comes to mass arrest scenario don't run out and act stupid just cause you see troop movements this week.
  2. Make sure you have some food and water in the house. Allegedly the bad guys have wired explosives into a lot of bridges, roadways, power grids, etc. If they are getting squeezed some of this shit might go off and getting fed or water might take a bit.


We'll be talking about "Q" or "Qanon." This is allegedly a military intelligence insider that's communicating publicly through semi-coded messaged on public message boards.

Ok, well, here goes!

You can find many posts at

Here's the last series

Some interpretations:

They allegedly have an underage sex video of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, and someone under age. The Stage 5.5 may be a reference to that.

Congress goes on break on the 26th. Congressmen in DC in session have immunity. They don't when Congress is out of session. Timing makes sense.

The bad guys do Human Trafficking. This is about that.

Possible that some of this already started-

If you're looking for a little more information on all of this I suggest this video with another Military Insider who goes by "Arthur"

Maybe Bolton isn't the devil

The big media companies are going to get theirs for their actions

The human trafficking happened through CPS... how fucked up is that.

They aren't fucking around with punishment for the drugs and sex crimes

Just a couple of world leaders in their early 20s strolling around naked well before their political life began.

Meme the News Stuff

Taxation is theft

Dis Girl has a news show. She's funny.

Memes are too powerful

Dentist or prison

It's expensive to be poor

Just a coincidence

Government/Deep State is responsible for the heroin epidemic

Bad guys

Selling slaves in the street is bad

included for tide pod reference. They have to wear clear backpacks now... they dont' like that answer.

Don't you know it's illegal to be black in America?

For the theater geeks

Happy Easter

Uncle Joe is a Pedo

First time in a while that crime does pay

Then how did he blow up?

Yes, why did we leave.

seriously... these people are actors. Not just crisis actors, but professional actors

Lol. Get it... Cause they want to take guns from people that didn't break laws so it's funny!

There are white hats

School shootings are rare when there are lots of guns around

The people that are there to protect are in on it

My enemy isn't in Iraq or Syria

Wonder why this fell out of the news...

Just hanging out with some pedos

It wasn't a walkout.. It was a government sanctioned/enfored action by students to meet their agenda


I have to say, a lot of this breaks my brain. I stopped watching the news about a decade ago because I was getting angry all the time... but obviously a lot still filters through.

It's hard to believe a lot of the above because it's so easy to dismiss it as conspiracy-theorist, but the more I read the Meme The News, the more that gets chipped away.

I'm not surprised you got bounced from Facey multiple times Aggy, but thank you for sharing all of this. I have absolutely no idea what to believe and what to trust... but that's probably a good thing.

I'd say a lot of this happens because everyday people just want to concentrate on their lives - its hard not to wish for simpler times when all you had to do was organise food for the year.

Yeah, it's hard to believe. It took me years to come to terms with it. There was a depression just learning how wrong I was originally and a worse one regarding how the world actually works. Then empowerment as I could finally figure out a way to change it.

My advice. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

We'll see over time if this is nonsense or accurate.

Thank you for what you do @aggroed, I have never read so much news because I can't stomache traditional style, but this meme the news is great, you took something old as the hills and made it new again....refreshing!

The whole world is messed up. World government powers are behind most crimes. We hope cryptocurrency, open source and decentralized techs would fix things but they have a lot of flaws too. Take Steem as an example.

I just wish things change for good some day.

This is a nice post @aggroed. Though you speak of American politics, it applies to whole world.

Coming mass arrests of deep state actors would certainly explain why they are doing this propaganda effort today

Thanks for your share. Please keep continue to share us those type of content.

once again, spot on. In a weird way I love these but they make me increadibly sad at the same time.

Genius and creative compilation @aggroed. Not a doubt the light is shining brightly on the evil. I pray for it to shatter!!! And, to be transformed. The atrocities are mind blowing. The evil must end. It's pics like your profile that help us plod along. (Nice! 😁) Good is rising! I pray for all who suffer from this insane madness. God thing need to be different & better.

Meme-the-news should be a radio/TV show. Perfect for PAL Studios: Meme-Waves...

Great update news..
Thanks for sharing..

Take teeth away from lions, it will make them safer.

Take fangs away from snakes, it will make them safer.

Snails have absolutely no defense, who ever picks on them!?

Alaska has most guns? why no shootings there? Funny how nature do that.

this is very informative blog .thanks to you for sharing..i praise
Carry on

Coming mass arrests of deep state actors would certainly explain why they are doing this propaganda effort today

I should government take some action here and cryptocurrency train to it be found on this moment and will be kind of share and instead of the government system will be down structure acknowledge helpful and continuously kindly try to the helpful market value in this moment.

I love your meme the news post!
I hope you have a great day.

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Great post, man. I've been following this pretty closely and still picked up good info from this that either hadn't seen or just overlooked.

I'm still gobsmacked by the dental letter!

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