Meme the News - 6/21/18

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It's TIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEEE. Introducing first, the meme creator in the red trunks out, memeing out of Massachusetts, I present to you the Memer of the Masses, Memes over My Hammy, the Memeinator, the one, the only, AGGGGRRRROOOOOEEEEEEEEDDDDDD.

Hey, thanks me for that great introduction... I have a few Memes for you to enjoy today. Please find them below.

More Pedo justice

Looks like he(they) know this doesn't look good

Here's an alternative

Some thoughts on Voice of America and lack of NK coverage

Always awesome when government policy leads to some Nazi Germany comparisons...

Still waiting

He can run for President of the San Quintin Chess Club

Ok, march against Bayer... they were making shit in WWII anyway

The left

More innappropriate sex stuff and leaders... Trump's team isn't immune

So... what's the point then? Why is this happening?


15 years prior... That's pretty specific for the Simpsons to get right...

Media heating up

This is basically anything I've been saying since 2012


Some weird shit happening over at the FBI

Anons are pretty concerned about the ring... the blue image is from an FBI pamphlet

Let's end this Meme the News on a miraculous journey


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well thanks for these great memes :)

Thanks Jeff Sessions, that there is a good way to make America great again!
Who can forget when the Nazis temporarily housed kids for 5 days or less and then sent them home or to live with relatives in the US? This is exactly like Nazi Germany!

What episode of the Simpsons is that allegedly from?

I really love this meme, but it needs a man or woman box too. The me too movement is infecting a lot of brains with distractionary tactics. The suffragette & women’s lib movements both came with monetary system change. Me too is no different


there's a lot of truths in that meme... the other truth is if Americans remain divided along those lines, they are also distracted enough to not see they are being ripped off by the same fucking people... so distracted they don't notice the hand of the Elite's putting chains around citizen's necks and stealing everything they have.

Americans learning the truth = Oh, Look! a Squirrel!

I will never forgive them for saying, "I guess they just didn't love their children enough."