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Hi Everyone, It's @steemcafe. I am back from my travels to Poland & Russia. Had an amazing & unbelievable time. Met so many great people. And Steem users @clixmoney @cryptospa @steemitbaby @johnstone @yanipetkov

Learn to make money with Steem by attending the Steem Creators Conference & SMT Summit Sep 5-8 in Toronto, Canada.

Learn from the best @joeparys @coruscate @happymoneyman @kenmelendez @larrymorrison @steemcafe and so many more. Learn how to increase followers, increase comments, increase resteems, and get more Upvotes.

Thank you everyone for your support. You all helped make this possible. Have a wonderful & productive week.

Thank you.

@ogc #mypic @joepate47 @larrymorrison @scottshots shout out!

Steem Creators Conference: SMT Summit Sept 5-8, 2018 Toronto, Canada. It will be amazing. Tickets only $149.00
Do you have a new app, product, or service for Steem? Would you like to speak at the conference. Hit us up. ij@steemcreators.com

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I tried my best to get in touch with two people from you must-try-them list, Some people you mention here don't have enough courage to answer their comments in their posts. I will wait for one more week, so if still no reaction from their side (and I bet there will be no) I will unfollow @larrymorison and @reseller. If someone is that busy, for not answering to their people and followers, why you @steemcafe throw additional work to them, if they can't accomplish their everyday tasks?


Yeah, that's often the case. But imagine your post having 100 or more comments and you want to answer each one of them personally. The same with successful Youtubers, you need to have personal for that! Haha!


I finally got better idea, why should I unfollow them, as they are working hard on doing great content. I just will not leave any comments!))))))))))))) To make their hard work a bit easier.

No useable information, just marketing an event.

Plane, train, automobile, or bus! Love it haha. This event will be off the chain incredible. Vegas was hot, this one will be even hotter. Time to get pumped up Steemians, it’s go time 🤙🏻

I heard that scottshots shoutout haha!!! The Las Vegas Steem Creators Conference was awesome! Learned a ton and had a great time. Anybody considering the Toronto Conference should definitely go!!!

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Will there be any free events that weekend for fans and users of Steemit? $149.00 is a little steep for a conference at the Y

Well come back, let's make more money!

Welcome back bro

Thanks for including me in this post, thanks for introducing me to @yanipetkov , I've finally met his brother @cryptospa and we spend a good time in Rostov-on-Don. ☺

@steemcafe, thank you for mentioning me in your post and video! It was great to meet you in Moscow, Russia.
I learned a lot from you about STEEM and Steemit. Thank you for explaining me how to make good content for #Steemit and #DTube. I will start woking in this direction very soon. Thanks a lot!

Ah okay. It looks like @kenmelendez will be one of the speakers at the conference!

Welcome Back! Hopefully we will sort out this 1on1 soon :D

@steemcafe I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Oh by the way thanks for sharing it with us. I am definitely happy with the way the steemit platform is heading. I still think the best days are yet to come. Hopefully we can all make a lot of money here and have a lot of fun along the way.

Hey IJ I just finally watched it!)) You seem to be in a good shape. I got this very important question to you. In case there will be people willing to come to steemcreators conference in Canada or maybe later in USA. Will you guys help us and provide with some invitation letter or participants ticket, for people from my country could gain the visas to US or Canada. I am thinking really hard of coming to Canada and feel that MAGIC!


Hope all is well. Yes we can supply letters of invitations to our events for the use of applying for visas. We have done it before for other Steem users from different parts of the world.

It will have dates, times, location, and reason for the visit to the event.

I also e-mailed you 2 KEYS to Making A Lot of Money on Steem. If you do it or not it is up to you. Do you want it bad enough? Do you have the discipline? Good Luck.