How Playing Fortnight With My Son Put Gaming Into Perspective

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I try to be a good dad, and my son wanted to play fortnight. So after he got a great report card, we let him download it and play. 

Last night I played a few games with him and I realized how far video games have come in my lifetime.

When I was a kid, I remember when one of our neighbors got Pong. He set it up in his garage and all the dads in the neighborhood came over and played while drinking beer. The kids played outside with the moms. 

The first system I got was a Coleco Vision and Pitfall was my game. The early games were just a joystick and a button or two. 

Then then Nintendo Entertainment System launched and there were four directional buttons and four other buttons including an A, B, select and start. 

I remember how hard it was in the beginning to run on Mario while pressing the B button and jumping.

Fast forward to last night and the amount of thinking and buttons needed to be competitive in Fortnight is unbelievable. The game combines Minecraft and a Third Person Shooter. Games are so complicated lately. It is incredible.  Watch these building battles.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some old guy that tells my son... "I'm not playing because back in my day, we only needed a joystick and a fire button." I get it in. I played and then realized how bad  I was. I watched a few videos on YouTube to explain the building and then when he went to sleep I played for a couple of hours. Tonight he is going to get his butt whopped. lol

Just in my lifetime we've gone from single joystick gaming to Fortnight to VR. The way technology is going, I am exited for the future of gaming and often wonder what my son will say when he is 40 and talking to his son? "I remember playing games with my dad as a kid and we used a controller that had batteries." 

His son will answer... "What's a controller?"

Thanks for reading!

What games did you grow up with? Let me know in the comments.

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First of all many many congratulation for his good report card. It will be very happy for you.
And i hope it will be great time on game for you after a long time.
I do play 8ball pool now a days.

I am glad you are close to your son.
Forgot to mention pac man and pong. After being an adult for quite some time .. lol

Instead of yet another revision let me add:
We played twister, board games, crochet, spoons (don't ask) among other exciting games with one channel on black and white tv.

There is nothing sweeter than father and son relationship,keep it up man you are the best. I will not forget to say congratulations to your son for a wonderful performance. I enjoy playing dream league soccer.