My New Vlogging/Portable High Quality Audio and Video Setup

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Hi, I've just invested in a new portable recording device for my Vlog/travel/out of the studio video setup and I thought I'd share this with you in case you wish to get something similar.

This is basically what I'm going to be using to record video and audio when I'm away from home and the studio from now on.

The reason I built this video and audio setup is to allow me to film high-quality audio and video on the go!

I create a lot of tutorials and voiceovers as well as videos, so I thought what can I get that has good video but more importantly sounds great and will fit in a small bag and also won't be too hard to assemble quickly.

So this is what I came up with.

It's my Canon G7x mkII with a Zoom H5 handy recorder with a shotgun capsule attached together with a flash bracket. Then all of this is attached to a Joby SLR tripod with I can either hold out in front of me as a selfie stick or place on a hard surface and use as a tripod

The G7x doesn't allow you to attach external mic so this is my solution.

I will, of course, have to edit and attach the audio to the video later on, but I always do that in post anyways.

My process is to edit the audio in Logic Pro X and then sync this audio with the video in Final Cut Pro X and then edit the video in Final Cut Pro X.

I shot a quick video earlier with this new set up about a new online course that's coming soon.

This video was shot without any decent lighting or script, I really just wanted to test out my new setup and see and hear what it was like.

Here's another shot of this new setup. I think this is the solution to providing high-quality audio for my videos on the go without the wires!

(The Zoom H5 also has a mic in for wired lavalier mics just in case I want a lav mic)

My friend Mike @wphelpandfix testing out the new setup.

I also have a deadcat or windshield incase I record outside and there's a bit of wind noise. This fury sleeve that goes over the microphone and this conveniently doesn't show up on the video.

I wil also be adding Flash Hot Shoe adapters so I can quickly take off the camera. This will allow me to quickly change the battery and memory card with these brackets screw clips.

Below are links to the exact equipment that I used in case you want to get any of the same gear as me!

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder

Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule with Deadcat Windshield

Ex-Pro Double L-shaped Bracket Holder Mount for Camera & Speedlite Flash

SanDisk Extreme 32 GB 45 MB/S

Hot Shoe Mount Adapter Screw

Hot Shoe Mount Adapter Bracket

Thank you for reading this and let me know your feedback by commenting below.



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Liking the back of my head there :)

Looks proper! Will you be a youtube or dtube star? :)

Thanks! Haha, that's the plan.

Awesome @tomasgeorge !! I love my G7X :D but the audio is brutal... will look into this :)

Thanks Joe.
Yeah the audio is okay on there, but a separate mic is always better.
I used to use a Rode Smartlav Plus to record audio when filming on my G7X. It's basically a lav mic that you can attach to your iPhone. It's okay, better than the built-in audio, but the Zoom H5 with the shotgun mic sounds sooo much better in my opinion.

Facing many of the same problems getting my rig solidified. Thanks for the insight!

Thanks! Yeah, the problem with these cameras is the audio isn't so good and it doesn't allow you input an external mic, so this is my workaround and hopefully a few people find this post useful

Is a very good camera with great equipment of audio

Tomas I LOVE THIS and just bought everything you listed in here!

Awesome, I'm hope it will help you create some new videos with great audio!

Nice rig!

Thanks! I'm always trying to get portable equipment that's easy to setup but most importantly sounds and looks the part.

This post has received a 9.78 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @tomasgeorge.

Nice! Looking forward to seeing this!

Cheers! Yeah, there will be some more new videos with this new setup coming soon.

Very nice. I'm always looking to improve my gear and give people advice on how to get started in content creation. Very nice gear you have there. Simple, to the point and effective.

Thank you!