Range detection with webcam and line laser

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Hi there,

I just finished the second version of my device for distance measurement. Took me more than a year to finally come back to this fun little project, though. Now I am using a line laser instead of a regular laser pointer. This enables us to map all objects in a horizontal row simultaniously, so you could use this to avoid obstacles for example :)

To be honest: This was one of these projects that are in an "almost finished" state for about a year. This annoyed me more and more and I am so happy that I can finally get this off my list. Don'T get me wrong - it was a very interesting project. I am really happy with the outcome and I learned a lot in the process. But posting this now, is such a relief :D

More about the project

The project was kind of born when I bought my first quadcopter. Initially I had the insane idea of building something that could fly the quad inside our appartment. To achieve this I needed to know where it was. I bought a GPS signal that I could use outside, but for indoor I needed something different.
During my research I found Lidars are pretty good at measuring distances to objects, but they are also very expensive. That was when I stumbled on the paper of Todd Danko where he described distance measurement with a laser pointer and a webcam. So I created my first device and posted it on reddit. I received quite a lot of feedback and really wanted to keep on going. But then there were other interesing projects and this one stayed in an unfinished state for way to long. I moved and developed a huge interest in cryptocurrencys (especialls Gridcoin).

I posted the first video here on Steemit to force me to finally finish it, so I could deliver the second part (as I promised). It worked out in the end and now I am really happe with the result.

You can find the code on GitHub by the way if you are interested. It is specific to my very own setup though, so you will have to adjust the trigonometry part to your specific settings (distance of cam to laser, FOV of cam and so on).


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I had a hard time finding tags for this post. If there is any tag that could help me to get in contact with people who enjoy this kind of content I would really appreciate suggestions

in regards to the above, i guess you are using the right tags. if you are asking so that you can get your works curated, i guess you are doing good. i am a curator and i just found you using these tags. there are a lot of us and we will surely find you. All you have to do is to be original.

i am going to submit your work but it is not 100% certain that your work will be voted.

a little advice, edit this post and tell us more about your project. why you made it, what you expect from it, what your plans are e.t.cupload your steemit link to ur youtube page if you have pictures of it, feel free to share them.

and most importantly dont forget the fact that steemit is a social media so it needs to be treated like one. visit other peoples post not as a curator though but as a fellow steemian, read their post and leave nice comments. make friends with people. do that and see how it will turn

good luck


Thank you for the information. I am part of the gridcoin community here on Steemit and do follow quite a lot of people there and am involved in the discussion. And I thought I might give it a try and post some of my projects about electronics here as well.
I wasn't sure if people would actually find this interesting though. I will add some more information about the project when I am back from work :)


feel free and enjoy urself


I just added some more information :)


cool. you already have your 70$

please, can you verificate your account, for example you can put your steemit link on yt channel :)
p.s. very nice post, I suggest tags programming,tech, diy, video ( first tag is important)


I added a link to this steemit article to my videos description. And thank you for your suggestions for tags :)

to me i think it is not how far but how well. it is a good thing you have finished it though. keep it up