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RE: Introducing DPlay: a decentralized short video platform using STEEM and IPFS

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A few questions that should be answered before anybody uses this

1.) As far as I can see, there is no entry generated on the Steem Blockchain by posting a video? Or why is this: not shown as a entry on the account @matematikciemre

2.) If this is the case, why would people use @dplay where they can't get votes when there is @dtube / @dlive where they can do the same + get votes?

3.) If this is not the case, how high are the beneficiares set for the videos?

4.) Why do you ask for the posting key (as @vegeta pointed out) when you say you don't need it since you use steemconnect?

After reading a few other comments, even more questions have come up:

5.) Let me quote yourself:

We will upvote contents on DPlay when our official interface will be ready.

Will users not be able to vote? Doesn't sound very decentral.

6.) @heimindanger pointed out that you are probably not using IPFS but your own servers instead? Is this true? If yes, why is your post lying about that?



Might be a way to get access to posting keys to upvote other accounts. I hope I am wrong but keep your heads up everyone. Even though we use steemconnect they still ask for posting key before uploading.

Interesting idea - @dplay, whats you answer to that?

I see no answers and i m kind of worried tbh @theaustrianguy

They seem malicious. Much of their information was contradictory or made no sense..

Funny thing, the site is literally WordPress with video plugins.

Even the theme is found online:

Hi and sorry for delay, just time zone stuff.

  1. We have a small issue on server side. We are working on it.
  2. It's just our demo product. We will solve bugs and make better interface. Also we are working on a mobile app. Our goal being mobilized. Like Vine, YouTube etc.
  3. Like I said it's demo version. We will share our beneficiation policy soon.
  4. We are working offical interface.
  5. All user keys stay the user localstorage, not our servers. To, DPlay safe for all users. We are fixing all bugs.

@theaustrianguy @vegeta @deathwing

You probably should have allowed yourself some more time but answered to my questions with real answers, not some "bla bla".

NOT A SINGLE WORD in your post states that this is a demo version! Why are you releasing a non-working demo version where you want the users keys?

And why didn't you answer to the most interesting question - 4)?

I am sorry to say that, but it just looks as if this is some kind of fraud to get users posting keys...

I'm not the developer so I asked him and edited my comment. Please check again. All user keys stay the user localstorage, not our servers. We take two times because of SteemConnec-Wordpress disagreement. We are trying to fix this issue and use just SteemConnect.

Then you probably should edit your original post and add the following things:

  • State that it is a not working demo version
  • State that you will need SteemConnect AND the posting key

As of the post right now, neither of those things get mentioned!

I edited post and add this kind explanation.Thank you for comment and sorry for misunderstanding. We don't want to be known as a fraud.

Good start - New questionable points have been added to my list above - I think users deserve answers there as well?

5 . Of course users can be upvote each other.
6 . We couldn't solve Ipfs issue yet. We didn't saw this bug before this post. And this post for get some feedback and saw bugs. We solved steemconnect key issue. You guys just attacking or we feel like that. We aren't fraud. We are a group of good intentions who are just excited and want to achieve something. This is our first software project. Yes, we have bugs, but we are solving them one by one. I think we just announced a little early because we were excited.

We will take the site on update. When we solved all bugs and our offical interface will be ready, we will open again. This post just an announcement about project and aim to finding bugs. Thank you for helping us about this. See you soon. Steemon.

@theaustrianguy @deathwing @heimindanger

@theaustrianguy you literally just made my whole day with this. Demand transparency! Sorry @dplay , dtube already offers all of this and has delegation to back everything up. Until you guys put out a more finished product I won’t be touching this with any of my keys. Much love.

Look at the reward. Come and up-vote @steemfiles . Here is the latest announcement in English. Steemfiles does not only work in English, but also Spanish, Polish, Chinese, French and German.

Up-vote a project that works now. You can even use it. Please upload things people will pay for. I ask for the posting keys as a way to authenticate the user. I don't use Steem Connect at all, now.