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RE: VIDEO "My Top Drone Shots of 2019 and the Story Behind Them"

in #video3 years ago

I'll tell you what - there is no need for a money back guarantee, because this was in fact the coolest thing I've seen today. Keep at it, Mikey, there's no limit to the kind of content you provide. I'm in the midst of finding my own niche, and it's not lip service when I say we should link up and shoot some time together. My biggest hurdle is that I'm not mobile, having no car nor license, so if you're willing for this kid to sit shotgun, I wouldn't mind a road trip. Wish I could vote for this twice..


Thanks for the kind words brother! It means a lot.

I'll be in Boston in a couple of weeks for a couple of gigs. I'll contact you via email once I have everything confirmed. ✌️

Fly! My email’s [email protected]! I look forward to your message.

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