Super Set Remodel, Filming has commenced! Sneak peek at Till Death Do Us Part.steemCreated with Sketch.

in #video2 years ago

A lot has happened in a reasonable point of time considering the undertaking we wish to accomplish.This Black Magic 2.5 K RAW looking much nicer than any of my previous films. These clips are part of a movie i am tasked with filming and editing. Enough said i will let the clips and photos speak volumes for themselves. This Movie is not final Yet!! i know the audio is bad, You must pay for the copy with finalized Audio.

T profile on set 12 30.jpg

set shot 12 30 2018.jpg

close up grime.jpg

grime 12 30.jpg

T in makeup chair 12 30.jpg

t in makeup.jpg

grimy teeth.jpg


Fucking awesome guys. Love hanging out doing tech support stuff and helping @stray with some editing.

broski i love your work man!!!!!!!!! you da new HITCHCOCK 💯

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