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@Papa-pepper just got back from South Padre Island, and this is incredible!

Somehow, this trip to Texas has been full of all sorts of incredible new experiences. Honestly, we come here almost yearly, so to see and find so many new creatures is almost unheard of. This afternoon I took Red-Pepper and Pinkie-Pepper to South Padre Island, and we met a creature called a Sea Slug.

With my new STEEM-powered GoPro camera, I was able to capture some amazing footage underwater. I had never seen anything like it before! In total, we found about seven or eight of these guys. Between crabs, a head-wound, and some fish, this was the highlight of our day.


I'll put out a more in-depth post about these incredible creatures later, but for now I was just super excited and wanted to share some video footage! Thanks steemit for making this possible! Here are a few more photos.

Also, I know that many of you are waiting for the next round of the STEEM-Pocalypse game. I will post it in the morning after I get up. It has been a long day and we are still on vacation, so I appreciate your understanding.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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great job capturing the creature and love your enthusiasm @papa-pepper :)

It was incredible! I am glad that you enjoyed it too!

May be you should rethink about making this "proof of..." picture. I'm worried that one day we see a picture of your tomb stone, titled "proof of boxed jellyfish" or something. And the animals would appreciate it as well, I guess... :)

LOL, good idea!

Wow, that is a beautiful sea creature. @Papa-pepper hope your visit to South Padre Island with your family was great . Wish you more success and keep steeming.

We had such an incredible day. Thank you.

Great, glad that all went well, my warm greetings to all.

Truly an amazing video...

Thank you. It is such a strange creature.

It's like an underwater slimy little dumbo when it actually swims :)

Right! Good example of what it looked like!

I was thinking it reminded me of a butterfly, but Dumbo is perfect! Good call @cryptopie!

These footage are freaking awesome :-)

Yeah, it was really strange. Glad that I could find one. (well, eight anyway)

A big adventure of new finds for you. They want to be on your blog :)

Wow, that is a beautiful sea creature. @Papa-pepper hope your visit to South Padre Island with your family was great . Wish you more success and keep steeming.

Yeah, I think I'll be taking the whole family back there soon before we have to head home.

Cool creature! Did not know they were so mobile! Hope the head-wound victim is ok...

Really amazing !
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Thank you for sharing, I never even knew such a creature existed. A slug that swims ....WOW, am amazed!

I never knew exactly what these were capable of either, until I met them in person. Thank you!

Wow amazing photos @papa-pepper it is very difficult to do. But you did it perfectly

Nice creature :o I've never seen one before

Our first time too!

You have captured like a pro @papa-pepper. I am in the process of buying a digital camera myself. STEEM ON MENTOR

Thank you. I am glad to have the opportunity to record it.

This underwater video is really sick @papa-pepper, thanks for sharing. Hope to see more of your underwater adventure. keep it up

What was that??????

While I think the creature is cool, all that I am thinking is that the slug would make EXCELLENT fishing bait. photo shots...

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Hey @papa-pepper !!
awesome..........its really incredible . i love it. keep it up.see u soon.
upvoted you.

Great Video! Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank you for checking it out.

PEPPER'S .. SWIM ??? .. whaaaaaaat ?? - ))
ha ha - )))

.. cool shots Br.OTHER !! - )))
and, "WHO KNEW" .. slugs were so BeautifuL ?? ??

.. not me !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

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This is something incredible. Nice job @papa-pepper. I don't what that thing is but really very beautiful and great. Amazing creatures you got men. Nice experience for you. Keep it up.👍

Oh, I'll keep it up @vikbuddy, it's what I do! Thanks man!

Them sea slugs really does look like a multitude of underwater creatures.
They like part snail, part cuttlefish, part stingray of some sort.
I think they are called Nudibranch, if i'm not mistaken. :)

amazing photos...

How it moves through the water is so captivating. What a catch! Thanks for sharing!


SCORRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!! IDK how you do it but that is definitely a winner. I saw a baby one surface last year at Padre National Seashore. This is beyond cool. Keep em coming.

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@papa-pepper, indeed your 'GoPro camera' is a diver cam, this is awesome.

That is amazing well done @papa-pepper is that a type of squid ?

so strange looking sea creature, sea has a variety of extremely strange creatures

Thats super cool. I have surfed tons of times but would get scared if I saw something like that. I love how you have no fear.

Great vid footage, looks awesome swimming under water :)

That's a neat little critter man. So lucky to have seen one! I need to get back near the water! Lol. You always make me miss being near the green trees and bodies of water! Great post man!

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Wow...i tought they cannot swim..but here is the proof...thanks @papa-pepper for the video..😊😁

You did a great job of staying with it. It was like National Geographic 😂

Amazing creature. voted.

Impressive footage, @papa-pepper! Thanks for sharing that incredible experience!

very cool papa! looks like its flying, but underwater. cool!

So cool! Thanks for sharing 🤗

is very beautiful. I would like to go there to see those wonderful places. I think it was a very beautiful life experience for you. You are a true genius of this site. I had a lot to learn from you.

That is so cool! What an awesome opportunity. It sort of reminds me of a flamenco dancer, swirling her skirt. lol I love seeing things swim that we don't usually get to see moving around (scallops swimming look like floating, chomping dentures lol ).
Was this taken while scuba diving? Snorkeling?

Wow that's soooooo cool! I know a lot about a lot of things but it somehow never occurred to me that they swam! lol slugs don't fly why would sea slugs swim?! How cool!

Wow awesome video! I miss Texas🐓