Steemit & DTube Mentioned In Coldfusion's Epic Video About Blockchain Disruption!

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Thanks to @liberosist's info, here's a notification for the community around here that Coldfusion on Youtube did a good, short cover about Steemit and DTube in his video about blockchains. Great content all over but if you want to get to the point, check out 7:40 where he puts Steemit as a Reddit competitor and DTube as a Youtube competitor. Coldfusion's an influencer with 1,200,000+ subscribers and may know just about every science / educational Youtuber. Speculatively, I think the video will have quite an impact on the cryptocurrency market. So naturally, this could fuel Steem's continued growth, leading to stuff like Smart Media Tokens - check out the bluepaper. Let's look out for this new wave of users trying out the platform!

Liquid payout will be reserved for Coldfusion's account on Steemit. Anyone knows which is the one? Here's the link to my comment on the Youtube video.

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I literally just learned about this platform from that video, paused the video, came to check for myself, and instantly made an account.

PS. i found your comment in the comment section and liked it in the hopes that he sees it. I suggest anyone reading this do the same!

WOW thats GOOD to know accounts are being approved this fast! that means that they can now start accelerating the plan to invite millions of users here with an offiical app and marketing campaign wow its gonna be huge we will have TV commercials youtube ads etc its gonna be crazy guys start buying Steem now while its cheap!

Yeah it must have taken less than half an hour for the account to get approved. What I love about steem is that you don't even have to buy steem to make an investment, you can just add your own post and create value from that instead!

yes thats a HUGE deal people underestimate how a determined group of people anywhere on earth can find steemit and just start posting like a major magazine, people will become steemit journalists, people will make money off and make music and get PAID to upload it!
Steemit will create an oasis for creative people and also a super class of content creators who just create content all day everyday

Yea sadly there's no easy way to link the comment up! Did you get into blockchain stuff before the vid or have been in the space already? Welcome to Steemit by the way :D

Edit: I've included the comment link in the post!

I've been interested in the tech for a while, although never really "committed" until steemit.
The main reason i haven't looked too deep into blockchain before now was because recently I've been dazzled by artificial intelligence and spending most of my time researching the hell out of it.

Oh AI / ML was what i did before, then blockchains seemed to be the layer required before all else :) i've written plenty bout it last year, but that'd require plenty of scrollng down the bloglist! Please ask away if there's anything

Sounds like good news, I think I'll go test drive some Lamborghinis.

Too funny. Go green..

Red ones are faster. ;-)

This is a huge news and what a great one to boot! Thanks a bunch for sharing this goodness our way!

Namaste :)

Let's hope the platform readies its wings by end year ;)

yeah its still beta and people around here get AY too pushy! they make a lil money and think steemit is going too slow? Its a huge project with SO many moving parts its a miracle its never down! its always up and always working and its been making people so much money as the price of steem stays pretty stable and THATS a miracle! the fact tat we have established a real market for this magical token with social media value, its insane! i cant believe peopel dont step back and see how amazing this is and invest in at LEAST a loittle steem while steem is still in the $1 So cheap and you can get yourself steem while its $1 before its $10 or $100 which it WILL get to as people ALL start to use it and it become sthe premiere social network and it becomes profitable to blog and peopel will realize when u do it like this then yes you DO get to mke money being a cool hunter!

Its so cool that it took us untill just now to figure out crypto currency! we know that computers wont ever be able to "break" bitcoin untill quantum computers become really powertful, ND we can make sure that noone with ACCES to one of those will be LEGALLy allowed to O that! by then it will be law that breaking someone's cryptographic lick is just like picking a regular lock and will be illegal hah im sure it already must be actually,

so anyway i think even if people had to abandon bitcoin for a new crypto currency that was more resistant to quantum computing, well, that would still be the same money jumping from bitcoin to the new new wiull still have to be crypto currency its still an amazing tool that none will be breaking in our lifetimes!

Anyway people really should just view crypto as a new invention because look, Kazaa, morphgeus, limewire, those fastrack p2p file sharing networks were the REASON people were able to use their computers to find ANY song they wantd ANY movie any program, it was crazy the availability of files on those nwtrosk! u could find whatever you wanted! and so now we have that with youtube but p2op sytems like bit torrent drove a LOT of innovation and now w have bitcoin BECAUEE of bit torrent in a way

and now we have al;l these crypto currencies that can be traded on exchanges and send back and forth online instantly, peoel can always use litecoin to send money cheap or steem to send money free, steem is growing to and has one of the only real tangible uses besides money for blockchain, for now, this social media system is very useful and steemit in itself is just so incredible people will give steemit creators the Nobel prize for SURE once steemit does all sorts of acts of human kindness, i mean now people will have the money to fund all sortsof amazing projects of compassion like paying for medical care for people in developing nations like @cryptopie who needs surgery , an many other stories, and we need to show people all the good thatsteemit dies, so that we end uo with DOINORS because people will DONATE to steemit to keep it alive if they have to if we can prove steemit ios worth keeping around! people will PAY tio keep steemit around and profitable for its users if we can show we are a machine for solving problems of human pain and suffering if we allow people to help themselves using steemit then we can cause exponential change on this planet because steemit allows everyone to help each other! it would become such a useful tool if they got everyone in one of these small african nations on steemit, and the government helped provide every citizen a smartphone or access to a laptop or computer once a day at a computer lab, that would be really allow the whole country to communicate with each other, like if everyone in Ghana for example had steemit @tj4real could help initiate this, we could et the government to see the benefit of getting al their citizens on this network connected with so many American with money, that argument alone might get them interested! getting all their citizens on steemit and allowing them to pay taxes in steem, allowing banks to use steem, letting steem be the national currency, its brilliant, u could use steemit for schools and companies, and it would let the whole world to upvote Ghana as a nation the GDP would increase so much if all the citizens could go online and use steemit!

Anyway I really love this website and this blockchain and people should se it for the new invention itis! crypto is SO new its SO useful though! bitcoin is JUST now flourishing and being used everywhere so just wait until steem catches up!

steemit is going to win nobel prizes for its creators! @dan will definitely get the Nobel prize for Steemit after we see how much good steemit will do for the world in the next few years! @steemit will launch @dan into the ranks of Elon Musk because of how important steemit will become! being decentralized will allow so much stuff to happen with steemit that cant happen with other social media....
and look social media is no fad, bitcoin and crypto is no fad (haha i could even argue that pokemon was not a fad either because here it is! as solid as ever!) But social media is no fad! its here to stay like computers and the internet! social media is simply an evolution of software and web browser functionality u have a website that keeps everyone organized so u can send messages and do so much, its a dream for businesses and its fueling so much economic growth and it will only get better! its STILL growing! Reddit for example has something like $240 million users and growing even facebook is sll growing in users and we will simply have a world where reddit had to compete with steemit in the future so redit wil bring back its reddit notes crypto currency program and then try to act like they dont need decentralization, but people will get tired of reddit archiving posts and deleting subreddits etc, steemit will always also be more efficient and reddit wont be able to compete! noone wil want to pay each other their reddit notes and they DONt have a curation system liek we do! their lack of steempower will make reddit notes lame, peopel will keep switching to steemit to earn some money and became serious with their use of the internet nio more wasting time on redditr and more productive time on steemit!

I am so grateful to be here, i want to get my whole city on steemit and buying lots of steempower!

Expect steem to be backl to near $3 level very soon!!!! :D:D:D Cant WAIt for that!

Ye dear n too @ackza

I totally hear you and look forward to the results of that, immensely! Namaste :)

Yes i posted about how Dtube and Steemit were mentioned on the newest coldfusion video yesterday! hahahah man good job man u did a great job making $192 about this! I would have only made like $20 If i would have made a post about this hah but i will soon have as many followers as you ! dang man over 5000 followers u got and like 200k in steempopwer fuckin nice man u joined may 2016 so i can't wait to be here for over a year too it will be so nice to start making $200 posts like this

Man i feel bad when i see posts like this in a way because i realize how i could have been working harder! I gotta post more and create more campaigns to promote steemit in my area to get locals to buy steempower and upvote my posts! I have to work harder to get where you are kevin!

Just keep voting all over lol.. just plenty of luck. Did you find out his account here btw? Still no indication or a reply on it.

Yay!!! Just one of many rungs in the ladder till steemit gets mainstream..but every rung is important!! :)

You're right, one of many many.. it's a long haul :)

Remember a couple months ago, when everyone was super excited about all the new exposure due to the rise of bitcoin? We "ain't seen nothing" yet.

Hey Steemers,

just saw your post!
It is funny because I actually signed up because I watched the video of ColdFusion.
If you do not now his channel make sure to check him out. He is doing great videos.

I'm looking for the account on Steemit atm. Can't find!

Great video... i also came across this amazing video:

Great, thanks for the share!

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yeah man i cant wait for the new steemit official ap, and the new sub steemits liek communituies like subrreddits but for steemit, AND we will have community uissued tokens, that will be amazing, but yeah we will have a lot of new features in the wallet ir internal market with bitcoin and ethreum and altcoins eventually being added so we weont have to use external serviuces when elling ro buying BTC wait for it man our own BTC market! we coudl even have a fiat market too so users can buya dn sell Bitcoin and steem for fiat i will cry when that day happens it will be so beautiful! :...) when users can simply send money to other users to buy or sell steem, and or bitcoin, it will be so epic!
I even bought for a similar situation and redirected that domain to go to steemit!

The entire video is actually pretty good. Great to see that coldfusion joined the Steemit community!

Over one million YT subscribers just from that one channel and video will give steemit even more exposure than it already has received. This is excellent news.

I am amazed when I do speak to people about blogging, cryptocurrency and block-chain, how many of them have heard of (not necessarily members.. yet) steem and steemit. And all of them are impressed with the block-chain structure here.

Looking forward to seeing what happens when steemit is out of the beta phase.

beta phase is the best time ;)

Great video! Blockchain has motivated my life. Love the video thanks..

Watching this video from start to finish, block chain is going to make life easier. Am so glad... am glad am beginning to flow at knowing what blockxhain can do in our lives. Thank you for this video.

Thanks for sharing! Links to the video and to your post were included in the wiki page In the news/2017. Thanks and good luck again!

Thanks for the share on the wiki page! Glory to blockchain :p

I am amazed when I do speak to people about blogging, cryptocurrency and block-chain, how many of them have heard of (not necessarily members.. yet) steem and steemit.

I think this is a tremendous breakthrough with the combined platfom of social media steemit and d-tube.

But related Payment fluid will be reserved for ColdFusion account in Steemit, I really do not understand about it. May need further enlightenment.


Great to hear he is now on Steemit. I been watching his stuff for ages on the youtubes. Always great info with a wonderful style.

I still don't know which is the account. Can't find!

He is probably waiting to introduce himself formally. I read that @coldfusion was already taken. Maybe someone else claimed the name first. Looking forward to finding out. I saw this video today on my subscriptions and was chuffed that I heard of Steemit before him.

Gosh Steemit is just getting more and more exciting by the day! So great to read that one of the big influencers on Youtube has mentioned it.... I reckon there's going to be huge influxes of people over the next few months.

You can almost hear their heavy footsteps :)

Yep! Hold on... I actually can hear their footsteps.... oh wait... nope that's just the pizza guy. :)

very informative post about block chain the video shows the basic and details of block chain crypto currency and bitcoin, love it

Thanks for keeping up with the pulse of what is going on and providing information for all of us to follow up on. Great idea .. I like your comment in the comment section of the video, you never know who will see it.

We're all Steem's marketing nodes lol

Great video, will help explain to the newbies

I came here from this video, I'm still not 100% if I understand how this all works.

Welcome to Steemit! For a comprehensive look, check out:

This is wonderful! Hopefully we can do more things like this going forward. This is exactly the sort of publicity steemit needs.

Always love ColdFusion videos. Very informative, impartial and practical. The fact that he signed up to Steem is not just a good marketing but also a statement that it has greater potential than most of us think. :)

Lemme know if you ever find his account here. I'm reserving the payout to power up his steem account!

LOVE IT! Shared with great enthusiasm! Thank God there's a way out of YT CONTROL! Censorship....

Awesome ! Steemit and D Tube is finally starting to get the coverage that it deserves. I definitely feel like I found a golden nuggets before the gold rush with steemit, so I am holding on hard !

I’m noticing more and more big brands starting to show support for Steemit. I’d say any acknowledgment with Adobe attached to it is a nod in the right direction.

Adobe? That's new :)


great information.i am very positive about dtube and hope it will do a great job in near future

But how to fix ipfs promlem on dtube

Maybe DCT

thanks for the heads-up, def checking out / peace

good video..i got something for myself..thanks for sharing :)

Am short of words with continuous development on steemit community. You guys are great.

I'm a big fan of Cold fusion's videos, they are really high quality. Hopefully this promotion will bring a lot of people to the platform. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

I am here because I watched that video today. Hope to be a member of a great and constructive community.

well said

Interesting video @kevinwong, especially part of the conversation blockchain

Awesome post bro both steemit and dtube are based on block chain and both are awesome site Ani i most tell you steemit is one of my favorite social media great video

amazing post! people should make more useful posts like these instead of saying how good their dinner was :P

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

steemit going mainstream :D wow thanks for sharing this video

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I think the blockchain is amazing code, I knew about Bitcoin, but I never knew about its capabilities within other industry. Steemit is an amazing platform in terms of how information gets out to the masses, especially how authors can be paid for the work. Amazing....

I'm here thanks to that video, and I bet I'm not the only one.

Thank you forma sharing

This is a great video if you want to expand your idea of

Blockchain Applications

. Thanks for posting.

Very nice @kevinwong ...Upvoted...blessings

Great news to us :)

Upvoted and resteemed

Thx its informative. Looking forward to more.

@kevinwong, thank you so much for bringing in new information. Still learning so much as a newbie and appreciate your support always. Upvoted and followed.

Great to see Steemit getting the exposure it deserves.

Thought I'd drop by, thanks for the vote on my wee story, it means a lot to know that someone read it and actually voted on it:-)

wow this is good information. thank you for telling us @kevinwong

Thanks for sharing, good post.

great post @kevinwoong, hopefully with the video, obviously the more days the view and from that it is clear the steemit users will be more and more, and hopefully to the old users like me there will be bonus steem power or the like, I am now again investing into SP , hopefully quickly can be collected

Liquid payout will be reserved for Coldfusion's account on Steemit. Anyone knows which is the one?

nice post.. I love it..

very important.

wow nice post I like it

nice i follow u plz follow me

Thanks for sharing the information


Noiiiice. 😎

this platform from the video that lasts about 15 minutes, which contains about blockball in a steemit coverage and also put steemit with a youtube competition between reddit and Dtube.
I listened repeatedly about the content of the video to completion. aspirations and motivations in the video coverage is increasingly making me aware of the many advantages contained in the platform.
I'm sure everyone who reads your rubric will feel the way I feel, an organized motivation.
Thank you for being a part of progress and passion to deepen what you post ..