Announcing the Steem Bluepaper!

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Hello Steemians!

Last week we released an updated version of our Whitepaper. We are currently in the process of converting that document into a format that can be updated through github so that it may become a living document which can be easily updated over time by the Steem community. The Steem Whitepaper is a part of Steem history, so we don’t want to change it too much - but we do want to keep it up to date with the technical details that change through hardforks.

Everything Has Changed

A lot more has changed over the last year than the technical details of the Steem protocol. The entire blockchain sector has undergone a seismic shift and the Bluepaper is our response to that shift. People of all walks of life now turn to these documents to learn about our technologies. This is especially the case for Steem which is an open and decentralized database designed to power applications which serve the needs of ordinary people; not just those who already know and love cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Designed for Everyone

The Bluepaper is designed to be a helpful guide to our protocol that is comprehensible to the widest range of people. It integrates the feedback we’ve gathered since launch about what people felt was missing from the original Whitepaper, features that have been added, and links to more technical documents for those who want to dive deeper into particular aspects of the protocol. It too will be hosted on github and become a living document that can be updated and improved over time.

It is our hope that this Bluepaper will be a useful aid to anyone seeking not just to understand our protocol, but our mission as well. To read the Bluepaper please visit:

One More Thing

We’re happy to announce that Steemit has partnered with a team of e-commerce professionals to launch an online store full of Steem-brand merchandise available for purchase with your hard-earned STEEM and Steem Dollars! The team handling this project has years of experience running successful online merchandise stores in addition to being long time members of the blockchain community.

For more information, check out their announcement on @thesteemitshop and you can peruse the store at

Team Steemit


What is the point of translating the bluepaper when itself does not support languages other than English. I wish the steemit devteam would consider launching a translating project for the system itself. All they need to do is to provide a platform where translations can be submitted and reviewed, and the community will do the rest.

I have been waving the flag for this effort for a year inside of Steemit and it’s starting to bear fruit.

The internationalization of an app’s interface is a lot of work, even leaving the translating of the text aside. Fortunately, that part is almost entirely complete now and we’re working with onboarding a team of volunteer translators to ensure both our website and mobile apps are going to be fully accessible to non-English-speakers. I think it is perhaps the most important feature we can ship.

Thank you, @sneak. That is good news indeed.

The dev team has commented on this elsewhere, but they are working on changes to support translations of the UI. Even without that though, there is already a need for translations of the bluepaper and similar content. There are quite a few non English speaking users on the platform already.

they are working on changes to support translations of the UI.

Happy to hear that.

Even without that though, there is already a need for translations of the bluepaper and similar content. There are quite a few non English speaking users on the platform already.

I agree that it would be useful to translate it to already popular languages.

sweet reading the Bluepaper now..

Thank you for another update on current developments. I personally feel very comfortable with the various updates we received in the past week from you and @steemitdev.

No huge imagination is needed to see that you ( plan to push the platform and steem blockchain to the next level!

Yes, that is true, and it has reflected in the STEEM price too :)

Still, it wo7uld be great if you start announcing about technical, UI and marketing developments too.

Glad you feel that way! Thanks for the feedback!

Community Liaison, Steemit Inc.

nice one @andyrarchy I saw your videos on youtube so im going to follow you now brother!

@tarekadam Totally agree! and I'm happy to have discovered the Steemit community and to witness its growth.

This is amazing news. STEEMIT is finally starting to push it's ecosystem in the right direction and do some marketing. We need more advertising, we need people who can answer questions, such as Mods (but not censor content) and also a new way to register accounts and to avoid bots and spam. I'm looking forward to see what the STEEM network has in store for us from now on!

Awesome, when I send people to the old whitepaper they have many questions that were already updated (like the inflation). Really glad its been updated!

ReSteemed! Blue Paper is just what new users need to get started on Steemit, a much better understanding to how this platform works.

Well done Steemit Developers heads up for using the K.I.S.S principle
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Read the Bluepaper, Its awesome, I Love this blockchain

first order :)

Also, don't forget to support the Steemporium which supports SteemIt artists with purchasable merchandise using Steem/SBD!

Who owns steemporium?

Ah, i thought it sounded familiar. Thanks.

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