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Yo Steemit! I am back today with a full on kendama edit!

I decided it was better to compile tricks instead of posting them one at a time, and I think I made the right decision! I had a bunch of fun putting this together and it feels so much more satisfying watching this 2 minute 30 second video than just a 20 second trick.


Another great thing that happened was since I allowed myself more time, I ended up getting a new trick I didn't think I could accomplish! The Ultimate "DOUBLE JUGGLE!" Let me know what you think of the edit, I would love some feedback from my fellow Steemians.

If you're interested in starting your kendama journey, I recommend checking out Sweets Kendamas for the best priced and best playing kendamas on the market!

Thanks for checking out my latest post :) View my last post here.

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Love this video. Thank you for sharing this awesome video!


Glad you enjoyed it! I will be coming with more and more kendama content soon!


Waiting for your awesome video.


You got a 3.63% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @cryptorasel!


Sick edits, diggin the new style, if I could suggest one thing it would be to put a trick name in one of the corners or when you transition.
New thumbnail/banner is looking good


Yoo that'd be dope! I definitely should do that next time. Glad you dug it!

Wellcome back and thank you for sharing this video.

Those last few combos were super clean! Powers from the Reed Stark Mod.