Invisible hands, Slavery today - German documentary with English subtitles - Get 5 Steem for doing re-Steem of this post

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My seventh post in Steemit was about a documentary, in which I had worked doing the animations, for German TV 3SAT talking about modern slavery called "Invisible Hands".

For me, this is one of the most important jobs I've done in Germany in the last years. It reveals many terrible things (some already known by many of us but ignored, consciously or unconsciously) that still happen in the world.

I'm going to post it again now. I want to give visibility to that work, it is important enough. And I'm going to try something new also. I'm going to give 5 Steem for each re-steem to this post. Just say you did it in a comment and thank you in advance for helping.

Here is part of the text I wrote in the old post.

Slavery today is frightening and is the world booming business because without slave labor would be a large part of our products that we consume in everyday life considerably more expensive.

Officially, slavery in the world is abolished. But this abolition exists only on paper. Forms of modern slavery are political imprisonment, child labor, recruitment of child soldiers as well as the traditional forms of servitude and economic exploitation.

Slavery is outlawed and banned worldwide, but the numbers of slaves still continue to rise. It is primarily a political problem.

This documentary, made last year and in which I was involved making all the graphic animations, speaks about modern slavery in general and touches more deeply some specific points such as child slavery, Spain, India, Africa and also Germany.

Slavery should not exist!

This is a 50%-50% post!



It's always a pleasure for me to support you, even if I'm not payed for it.

Thanks again :) the payment is more symbolic. It is a small way for me to give back something to the community and also help a good cause (spread the word about the docu). I do not know why I was not following you but it is never to late, Im following you now :)

And vice versa following you. We are sooo polite :-)

Resteemed, upvoted and shared. But do not send me 5 Steem. Glad to do it for nothing. :)

Thanks a lot @joanaltres! :) and I will do send the 5 Steem , I know what do you mean and Im following now you because of that but I keep my word ;)

Well, thank you! You certainly didn't have to. You're very generous! :)

Great job juan @juanmiguelsalas and an important cause. Did you know, that I also worked for TV? Unfortunately I was more in the "Docutainment" sector. Reblogged!

Thanks a lot @shortcut! "Docutainment" sector lol :D I know what do you mean... Im lucky that i found this people who make always this kind of "different" materials... But I have being too in the "Docutainment" sector sometimes :D

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