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My seventh post in Steemit was about a documentary, in which I had worked doing the animations, for German TV 3SAT talking about modern slavery called "Invisible Hands".

For me, this is one of the most important jobs I've done in Germany in the last years. It reveals many terrible things (some already known by many of us but ignored, consciously or unconsciously) that still happen in the world.

I'm going to post it again now. I want to give visibility to that work, it is important enough. And I'm going to try something new also. I'm going to give 5 Steem for each re-steem to this post. Just say you did it in a comment and thank you in advance for helping.

Here is part of the text I wrote in the old post.

Slavery today is frightening and is the world booming business because without slave labor would be a large part of our products that we consume in everyday life considerably more expensive.

Officially, slavery in the world is abolished. But this abolition exists only on paper. Forms of modern slavery are political imprisonment, child labor, recruitment of child soldiers as well as the traditional forms of servitude and economic exploitation.

Slavery is outlawed and banned worldwide, but the numbers of slaves still continue to rise. It is primarily a political problem.

This documentary, made last year and in which I was involved making all the graphic animations, speaks about modern slavery in general and touches more deeply some specific points such as child slavery, Spain, India, Africa and also Germany.

Slavery should not exist!

This is a 50%-50% post!



It's always a pleasure for me to support you, even if I'm not payed for it.

Thanks again :) the payment is more symbolic. It is a small way for me to give back something to the community and also help a good cause (spread the word about the docu). I do not know why I was not following you but it is never to late, Im following you now :)

And vice versa following you. We are sooo polite :-)

Resteemed, upvoted and shared. But do not send me 5 Steem. Glad to do it for nothing. :)

Thanks a lot @joanaltres! :) and I will do send the 5 Steem , I know what do you mean and Im following now you because of that but I keep my word ;)

Well, thank you! You certainly didn't have to. You're very generous! :)

Great job juan @juanmiguelsalas and an important cause. Did you know, that I also worked for TV? Unfortunately I was more in the "Docutainment" sector. Reblogged!

Thanks a lot @shortcut! "Docutainment" sector lol :D I know what do you mean... Im lucky that i found this people who make always this kind of "different" materials... But I have being too in the "Docutainment" sector sometimes :D

The U.S. currently has one of the largest slave populations in the world.

Upvoted and resteemed. While I think the economic exploitation argument is bunk outside of state exploitation (as people wouldn't work for pennies if they had a better alternative, thereby making working for pennies better than whatever other option they had), human trafficking and sex slavery, especially of children, is despicable and deserves to be stamped out with maximum prejudice.

It is the thing that invite me the most to share this work. Child slavery is the most horrible thing that can exist. And it is very common nowadays, unfortunately.

This was an easy upvote and resteem! Great work, STEEM ON! ♨🖒♨

Thanks a lot @karenmckersie! Following you now :) Steem ON!

Oh thats awesome, thanks for the follow ! And keep steeming on! ♨👍♨

This is very important to see. Resteemed...

I resteemed it. hopefully I did it correctly I am new to this. I gree this kind of information needs to get out. I cannot understand how so many people can ignore it or refuse that it's happening

Thanks tony
(lol.... it'll probably take me months to make 5 steems)

You did it correctly @detshiva. Thanks for your re-Steem :)

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Thanks a lot @virtualgrowth! :) Got a bit extra for the tweet ;)

Te voy a RESTEEMEAR!!!!! pero ni se te ocurra darme nada, no vendo mis resteemeadas,,,,,,jajajajaj....en serio colega.

Well deserving of a resteem regardless of 5 steem or not!

Thanks a lot @meesterboom! :) I can see you now telling me that (it is so great your name have a face for me)

upvoted and resteemed -
Video broke my heart.

@countrygirl it is really hard to see the true sometimes... it happens to me too when I saw it the first time after was finish. Following you.

It's debt slavery, and 90% of humans are slaves.

Los fulas los fulaaaassss jajajajaja.

Le diste re-Steem? Es que como no lo dices :P sino no te doy nada y te quedas sin fulassss jajajaja

Claro que si! Pero no por los fulitas por eso no dije na.
Ya no me pidas más pa cancioncitas de amor que estás millonario y repartiendo jajajajajajajajajajajajajajjaaja.
Por supuesto ni se te ocurra mandar nada eehh 😒 😂

This a Great documentary. to absolutely watch.

i posted it on facebook too it is a superb work everybody should watch it.

not saying I totally agree...but food for thought.
shared to facebook

Upvoted and resteemed. We should all be more aware of modern slavery and the horror associated with it. I have watched 13 minutes of the documentary so far. I have bookmarked this post so I can watch the rest later.

Thank you for doing this important work!Resteemed, as I would have done anyway, but I will take the 5 steem, thanks buddy, you are richer than me!
Btw, you do not mention trafficking in the post, but maybe the documentary does? I will try to watch it, but it will probably make me cry.

It made me cry so probably will do to you too :( It is really hard to see the reality sometimes. Send you the 5 Steem now. Cheers bro!

Thank you for doing this !I will watch your documentary, one day when I have the guts. Reesteemed and upvoted, and I will share the video on twitter and facebook.
Edit, I'm following you on youtube now as well, with the account Kooshi Koo.

Thanks a lot @kooshikoo :) You are the best!

BTW you can see who resteemed your posts using steemdb

Thanks @phoenixmaid! :) Yes, I know, but it is more easy to control the payment for me if people leave a comment.I paid and after I vote the comment so I know it was paid ;)

Visto... está claro, que la pirámide truncada del billete de dolar, y simbolo de la mafia jázara, illuminatis,masones o como quieras llamar a esta gentuza corruptora de la humanidad, es una pirámide de esclavitud en la que estamos todos...."nosotros" en un escalafón, de momento, más elevado que el más terrible que muestra el documental. Como decía uno : "nosotros vivimos una esclavitud vacacionada". Pero fijate tambien las cifras que da de esclavitud en Alemania....y el caso de España con las verduras y los inmigrantes. Pero con la gente local también lo tenemos, personas que con lo que ganan no les llega sino para sobrevivir de mala manera, a causa del paro, que irá a más por la innovación tecnológica y la "deslocalización" de los sistemas de producción.
Y los organismos oficiales....una estafa, para "hacer como que se hace algo", mientras esta gentuza controle la creación del dinero no se podrá hacer nada, bueno denunciarlo y difundirlo que no es poco.

Resteemed. Thank you for sharing this. It is the type of post I would seek to share, therefore no payment required.

Thanks again.

Thanks a lot @girlbeforemirror! Following you now just for what you say here :) Thanks again.

Resteemed .. what an eye-opener!

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This is a very real problem of which is far more common than people realize.
Resteemed because it's worthy, though happy to get a hand full of extra steem.
Seems like a great marketing idea to me!

This is a very real problem of which is far more common than people realize.

Im agree with you 100%. I will send you now just 2.5 Steems because it looks like you did not re-Steem the post. If you do I will send the rest :)

Wow!! This is really a nice one. Am really inspired by your creative and informative post i just started following you and am willing to learn from you thank you very much!!!!!!!!

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