Invisible hands, Slavery today - German documentary with English subtitles

in politics •  3 years ago  (edited)

Slavery today is frightening and is the world booming business because without slave labor would be a large part of our products that we consume in everyday life considerably more expensive.

This documentary, made last year and in which I was involved making all the graphic animations that appear, speaks about modern slavery in general and touches more deeply some specific points such as child slavery, Spain, India, Africa and also Germany.

Officially, slavery in the world is abolished. But this abolition exists only on paper. Forms of modern slavery are political imprisonment, child labor, recruitment of child soldiers as well as the traditional forms of servitude and economic exploitation.

The fewest suspect that the products they buy in supermarkets and department stores, directly or indirectly derived from a slavery culture. In reality, however, it is like that.

Whether smartphones, Playstation, cotton and cocoa. The Ivory Coast is the largest cocoa producer in the world. Around 80% of cocoa chocolate that is sold in European supermarkets, originates from there. Harvested by child slaves. According to a UNICEF -Report around 200 000 children are to be deported to South Africa every year. Many of them in slavery.

But slavery is not just a problem further poverty regions, they are also available in Germany.

Slavery is outlawed and banned worldwide, but the numbers of slaves still continue to rise. It is primarily a political problem. The United States already adopted under Bill Clinton a law that threatened countries that do not actively against slavery with sanctions. but denounced only politically unpopular governments. Because all EU countries in 2005 were invited to ratify the law. Tough political procedure the most fundamental rights. The scramble for a common European strategy to combat slavery continues today - open-ended?

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