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The Future Of My Content

I chose to expand my content creation past just written post form. In the very beginning of my Steem journey, I did not like how apps built on top of the Steem blockchain made my Steemit profile page look so I ignored them.

But no longer!

If you are someone who is picky about seeing several posts per day by a single user I am very sorry. I am moving off of tradition social media and placing my creation efforts 90-ish percent on this Steem account. I say 90 because I won't use this account for short-form content such as @zappl and @steepshot.

I have a new account for this type of material under the name @swab. It is on this new account that you will find photos I take to replace the crapshoot that is Instagram via @steepshot, Twitter-style "micro-blogging" via @zappl, and any other apps that fit the short-form creation that come along.

The bulk of my content on this account (@jrswab) will move to video format via @dtube starting today. While this means less one thousand word blog posts each week, it does mean more variety for everyone who follows my primary account. On this account, there will still only be one post per day to keep everything organized (bellow is the schedule).

So that means instead of a 100% written tech post on Mondays you will get a ten-minute video on a topic with less text. (This also goes for the Tuesday blog help posts.) It may or may not stay this way indefinitely, but I feel giving a video along with a 500 or so blog post allows all of you to consume the content in whatever way is best for you.

Why Do This?

I chose to do this because I believe that the Steem blockchain is undervalued and underutilized. I want to use the services that so many great developers have made for us to use. With each passing month, these third-party steem based apps get better and better.

Now is the time to dig in and make a name for ourselves on these new, decentralized platforms that pay us for the hard work we do. Someday soon the floodgates will open, and the masses will flow into our favorite system. It's at that time I feel anyone that puts in the work will win in one app or another.

Schedule Moving Forward:

DayTopicApp Used
MondayTechnology Video Post@dtube
TuesdayBlog Help Video Post@dtube
WednesdayLive Stream Replay@dlive
ThursdayLevel Up Your Blog Podcast@dsound
FridayMSP Science & Technology Curation Post@busy
SaturdayPoetry (as I have them to share)@busy
SundayWitness Updates (as there are changes)@busy

My new account (@swab) will not have a schedule and will be a spur of the moment kind of deal.

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who listened to me about this and gave valuable feedback. It is all of you that make this platform tremendous, and I am honored to call you my friends. Even if we never meet in person, you had a profound impact on my creations, and I will always do my best to give back to the communities that support my witness and me.

All images came from royalty and attribution free sources unless specified.

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I have been considering a similar idea. Set up a second account and allow it to focus on a different niche. I was thinking of a different information niche instead of a different platform.

I like the idea of using @zapl, and I do use @steepshot. I use @dlive a little, and I don't use @dsound. It makes sense to stake out a space on each of these platforms.

I am glad to see this direction. I believe it's a good move.


Thanks for you feedback it means a lot to hear from those that follow and check out my work.

It's good it'll be your head :P haha

Do you like starwars by any chance? lol


Maybe ;)

I must say I have been thinking about doing some video blog but I've been a little scared. But hey if you don't try something new how are you ever going to say "at least I tried"? Thanks for giving me a boost :-)


It's always worth a try! I will admit that this was not my first time recording myself as I did a good bit a year ago on a site that no longer exists and have a few videos on youtube.

Great. This other platforms need our usage and been on the same Blockchain it makes it a lot easier.

I think I also have to plan my schedules so I can’t be effective and stay dedicated to it.


Nice! What ever schedule you make it is best to stick to it once you know what will fit your lifestyle.


Thank you

Sounds like a very cool game place. I like the way you're so organized. I went ahead and followed you over at @swab as well. Be bold and courageous my friend!

Being it's only my 3rd day on Steemit 😬 I'm wanting to expand to video as well. Thanks for the inspiration! 😎


Welcome to the Steem blockchain! Thanks for following my secondary account I am very excited to use this for more social style content that we see around the web. If you need tips on blogging I have a large backlog on this account.


Thx for the welcome! My only regret is that I didn't find Steemit when it first came out. I think I remember going on DTube a year ago for some video, and the interface kind of repelled me, and I just saw it as a gimmick to compete with YouTube, and never returned until now.

Ok, I'll for sure check out your backlog, because I am still figuring everything out. Bless ya!

great post blog. nice video. thanks for @jrswab

That was one thing holding me back from posting more, and ultimately I've decided to pick up a similar route with @blokz and this account being for spammy daily posts, steepshot and zappl, and blokz for the "professional" side of things.. thanks for a post that solidified the decision. Solid post and I do enjoy reading your writings.

Great step to keep all your contents well organised...