Do THIS and Be HAPPY - 2018 Adventure Travel Highlights

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The past year has been my best year ever! I was lucky enough travel to some amazing places, meet some other awesome adventurers and truly experience gratitude. From adrenaline pumping cliff jumps and natural water slides to seeing exotic wildlife up close and personal, my days were filled with the essence of life. You can do all of these things too! You don't have to travel far to find adventure. There's plenty to do right in your own backyard! There is no time like the present. So get out there, find YOUR adventure and be infamous!

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You are such a great adventurer and it was great to see how amazing was your 2018 in such wonderful shoots you have captured!

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Thank you so much!

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Really cool @jessestlouis ... I'm a bit jealous to the sea lions 😂 how long did you wait for it to clap its hand and wave it to you 😁

Lol, we were standing in cold wind for awhile.

Worth it right 😂 you made it more fun by included them in the video😂😂

Totally worth it!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Wow, you've been having fantastic outdoor adventures. Cool! That cold, cold water swimming though... Whew. I might skip that but I'd like to go to more local beaches next year. Gotta save some more. Lol. I rarely go out and travel. Hopefully I will really get to do some beach hopping being inspired by your video. :)

Thanks for watching

You made some nice cliffjumps! How did you create the shot climbing down, whas there already someone at the bottem or did you climb twice? :)

the waterfall you're standing behind at lake Banff, is that in the area overthere?

If you might ever think about starting to write about your adventures or we start curating movies think about the #travelfeed tag😇 For now you got a new follower loving your movies!

Hang loose🤙

The waterfall im standing behind was actually in Costa Rica. Usually i set up my shots and then climb back up. Thanks!🤙

I love watching your videos, this specifier I love <33
Great production and great voice to narrate ..

You were a beautiful place, I steal my breath every shot .. and by the way you made fabulous jumps ..

Great job, a big hug @jessestlouis

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that.

water is definitely your natural element, great outdoors and action, we wish you to jump in a great and happy new year

Thanks so much! You too!