Downvoted. Title is a generic text for the dapps.

Edit: Removed the downvote after further discussion.

Well, @dsound used same title too. But I didn't saw any downvote. Anyway thank you for your comment.

It was literally only a few weeks after the initial DTube launch, and he asked me about copying the title ...

Also I've tried your videos and they don't seem to load from IPFS but from your own server. You copy the DTube launch title, make false promises, I don't believe it's good for the ecosystem.

Another nice information, that IPFS is not used :D And another point on my above list why I think this is just fraud and/or a cheap way to get money....

The videos literally don't load from IPFS by the way. Slapping on SteemConnect login to WordPress and a 49 Dollar theme isn't a good way to get delegations, moreover if this is a demo version... why announce it?

@dplay Do you support upload from mobile phones?